10 A24 Films Everyone Should Watch!

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Movies have started to blend of familiarity in style, but this studio has created some creative piece of film that most movie enthusiasts can enjoy. From horror, comedy, thriller, and suspense they are a little bit of everything for anyone looking to view a wide variety of films.

Here is a list of 10 A24 films that you should be watching, get your favourite snacks ready.

10. X (2022)


“X” is not for the faint of heart. The mixture of erotica and horror is a weird mix that works elegantly in film. Camera angles that were made to make the audience feel safe are used to inject the murder scene and the silence that usually indicates a jump scare is used to show the sex appeal of some characters. It is a nice twist for the low-key l film buff that can appreciate the director's camera work and they even have the cheesy dialogue from those “other” types of films.

9. Under the Silver Lake (2019)


“Under the Silver Lake” follows Sam (Andrew Garfield) trying to figure out what happened to the girl that was swimming in his apartment community pool that just vanished from reality. This neo-noir leads to unexpected locations in L.A. and half the time the clues are so convoluted that even Sam does not where the next clue will take him. From clubs to castles, it has noir aspects in a modern setting that allows the viewer to feel like they are also getting lost in the City of Angels.

8. Eighth Grade (2018)


“Eighth Grade” was directed and written by Bo Burnham who is known for his meta-comedy. However, after panic attacks and severe anxiety he created an amazing film to help get over this ordeal in life. This film follows a thirteen-year-old dealing with her last year in middle school with figuring herself out and having social media be at the forefront of her generation. Great to watch with almost anyone who either loves teen dramas or Bo Burnham’s mind.

7. The Lobster (2016)


“The Lobster” follows David (Colin Farrell) who lives in a society where if you are single, you must find a lover in 45 days or turn into an animal of your choice. Pets can be a loved ones that couldn’t find love after spending time in the unnamed and very odd hotel. People can fake love; others may find true happiness, or some become loners. The best way to describe this film is a blank canvas with deep meaning in the mundane.

6. The Disaster Artist (2017)


“The Disaster Artist” is basically a film about the making of one of the best worst movies in all of history. James Franco is playing Tommy Wiseau, which is your typical “all-American guy” that sold jackets to get his million-dollar budget for his movie that only got about two thousand dollars. It is a mixture of drama and comedy that some fans believe is the genius of Wiseau. Others believe that it was a poorly written movie that for some reason has a cult following, regardless of “The Disaster Artist” exploring a unique individual and his process of being in a movie.

5. Uncut Gems (2019)


“Uncut Gems” will keep you at the edge of your seat as the questionable choices of Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler) begin to unfold. There are moments that will make you lose your breath and some that will question why a rock is so important. Adam Sandler straying away from his usual comedic role really shows his talent within the film. Betting and gambling are shown in a new light in the sporting world and the city felt like it was getting dirtier as each deal was being made. Keep a pillow close by to hold when that tension starts to spew out of your screens.

4. Hereditary (2018)


“Hereditary” is the horror movie everyone should have already seen at least three times already. However, if you haven’t, it is okay, stop reading this part of the article then argue why it is number four on this list. The casting down to each family member is perfect, the actor performances are amazing, and the deaths do not follow a traditional horror movie trope. Ari Aster created the most disturbing and complicated film that does not disappoint any viewer that likes supernatural elements that more display a family slowing decaying due to a tragedy. Drooling and allegories become a different point of topic after digesting this film.

3. The Lighthouse (2019)


“The Lighthouse” not only has amazing talented actors but it is mostly just these two alone on an island. A recreation of the lighthouse is periodically accurate, filmed on an old-style camera and the writing is one of the best from A24. William Dafoe singing crazy sea chanties with his odd rules while bearding his new wickie Robert Pattinson allowed the whole island to feel alive. The mythology sprinkled into the film in the beginning then really shines once you start to spot it. This dark fantasy drama does border the lines of masculinity and sexuality with two men stuck on an island but now in ways that you will think of at first. Let’s just say never strike a seagull or a loved one.

2. Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)


“Everything Everywhere All at Once” captures the nihilistic part of the multiverse life of Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh) and her family. Wanting to become an actress, a singer, or a fighter only leads to running a laundry mat instead. A Sci-fi adventure that is unique in its presentation, story, and overall theme. It is a nice break from the usual movies in this genre and seeing how they peep into the other multiverses is humorous and overall ridiculous. You will find new meanings in bagels, rocks and even googly eyes.

1. Midsommar (2019)


“Midsommar” captured the essence of a daylight horror movie. Cults that are in the middle of nowhere, a group of college students working on their thesis, and a creative twist of the usual horror genre altogether. Viewers with keen eyes will enjoy this movie since most everything in the movies leads to foreshadowing. Different cultures may lead to open experiences and that is a good thing until the topic of age is used more as a seasonal expiration date. Florence Pugh blooms in this movie from a girlfriend joining her boyfriend on a trip to see a cult to something much more than anyone could have ever predicted. Keep an eye on the leaves, they say they make faces.

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