10-Best Unknown Places To Visit: A list of the Best Uncommon Destinations For Your Future Travels!

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Picking the right place to visit is not easy, because one just doesn’t want to walk in the same path as anyone else. What are the best places to visit that are less touristy, off the beaten path?

There are plenty of popular attractions that you can’t go wrong with. But what about those places that are a little harder to find, but so worth the hunt? We compiled a list of ten great venues for you.

Great Salt Lake Desert (Utah)

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You have never seen so much anything until you've walked across this flat expanse of salt. It's not just an empty wasteland, however! The desert is home to all sorts of wild imaginings waiting for adventure seekers to find them. Who's curious about what's behind the pillars? And how about the cactus? Or even how about that first-of-its-kind art gallery in the desert? Well, if you're willing to get a little creative, you'll find an array of hidden gems in this land that is just as empty as it appears.

Cactus Forest (New Mexico)

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What looks like just a bunch of prickly green things on the sides of this road is actually valuable cacti. In fact, there are over 50 varieties! These spiny plants are waiting for someone to discover them and bring them home. After you've picked out your favourites, you can check them out in their natural habitat. A hike through the forest will definitely be a new experience when you have to watch your step!

The Sunken City (Italy)

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An earthquake in 1908 turned this once great city into ruins, but ruins are still places to explore—and maybe even put right again. What would it look like if you could turn back the clock? Well, now's your chance to find out! You can explore the beautiful and deadly city at this amazing site. There are mysteries hiding all over this city, and they want someone to solve them... so get to it!

Antelope Canyon (Utah)

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This hidden canyon, located in the Valley of the Gods, is known for its unique and challenging rock formations. But what makes Antelope Canyon so remarkable is that these beautiful rock structures are shaped by water erosion over hundreds and thousands of years. As much as you might be drawn to the beauty of these formations, don't forget that they are dangerous.

The New York City Reservoir

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This under-the-radar attraction has a lot of history behind it. It all started in 1842 when the Croton Aqueduct was opened to bring water to the city. The Aqueduct itself is still in use today and is now managed by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. The Reservoir, located east of Manhattan, is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Its status as a reservoir means that it is legally protected, so you'll have to get up close and personal before heading home!

The Seward Highway (Alaska)

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This highway runs through the heart of Alaska and on into the wilderness. It was built in the 1920s and has been fully functional ever since. The Seward Highway is the most northerly road system in the world and runs along the coastal region of Alaska. This road has its fair share of dangers, but that doesn't stop adventurers from exploring it. What better way to explore this terrain than by car?

The Grand Canyon by Helicopter (Arizona)

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There are only eleven people who have ever been to the bottom of this national treasure. It might seem like a big deal, but you can get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see it all from above! What's more intriguing is that these flights run every hour throughout the day. This is only possible when you're able to get a window seat on the left side of the helicopter. This way, you'll get unobstructed views over the entire canyon! What's better than that?

The New Orleans Cemeteries (Louisiana)

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What better way to get some fresh air and learn about local history? New Orleans has three different types of cemeteries: those for Christian burials, those for Roman Catholics, and those for everyone else. Called “Cities of the Dead”, these burial grounds hold thousands of bodies. The largest is Lafayette Cemetery No 1, where 17000 people are buried. These cemeteries are an amazing place to visit, especially if you want to get a glimpse into the history of the United States.

The Coachella Valley (California)

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There are many reasons why this beloved desert gets so much love from tourists. The natural beauty of the area makes it a perfect excursion for those who want to relax and enjoy the sights. This wonderful place also has a long history to go back to. In 1854, the land was a part of the Mexican revolution, and telegraphs ran through the area. Trucks were even used here to take the valuable minerals out of the desert quickly and efficiently!

Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)

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Does an artistic castle sound like something you'd enjoy? Well, then Neuschwanstein might be your ideal fantasyland. The beautiful castle is fashioned after a typical German castle, but with a greater focus on artistry instead of military defence. If you're looking for adventure with this excitingly unique landmark, you’ll have to camp overnight. On a final note, whether you visit these destinations or not, we hope these descriptions of them encouraged you to discover some of your own hidden treasures. You never know what might be waiting for you!

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