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Remote work isn’t something invented during the pandemic, but rather a choice that has been available for years.

It can be really appealing to work from the comfort of your home, and you should not feel ashamed for preferring this solution. You can work from anywhere and make a decent living. These 10 jobs need no office and they only require you to provide your own equipment. They offer flexible schedules, pay well, and are easy to fill if you have experience — so what are you waiting for?

Working remotely is easier than ever with these ten jobs that provide an excellent combination of earnings potential along with the flexibility of working where you please. From graphic design to remote engineering, here are the best remote jobs around:

1. Virtual Assistant

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A virtual assistant helps clients with tasks that require a lot of research, organization, and memory. You can work from anywhere and are provided with all the training needed. You must be computer literate to perform this job function properly, though your pay will depend on the client you work for — $15 an hour is fair for most cases. As an assistant, you'll be working on a project-by-project basis for a variety of clients, and you'll be provided with full training as needed. You should be computer literate and in most cases, can work from anywhere. The pay is $15 to $25 per hour, and the field is growing fast.

2. Freelance Writer

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Anyone can be a writer, as long as he or she really loves to do it. Freelance writers are required all over the world from many companies, there’s always a need for them. Journalists, bloggers, ghostwriters, copywriters, C.V. writers, Grant Writers: you have a specific niche or kind of document you like to write, there’s always a position available for you somewhere. The pay depends on the clients, some pay by word count, others by hour. It could start from 0,03$ to 0,10$ but it can be higher or start from 15$ per hour to even reach 50$. It really depends on the client.

3. Technical Writer

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It is more specific and a bit different from being a general writer. Technical writers write how-tos, manuals, and other documents related to how a product works or how to use it properly. You'll need excellent writing skills and experience with grammar rules for this job, but it could also be required for you to have some technical degrees for a position that pays more. The pay can start at $30 per hour and come with full benefits packages that include healthcare coverage.

4. Transcriptionist

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Even with A.I. and modern text-to-speech technology, there will always be the need for transcriptionists. A machine can’t always provide an accurate written copy of the audio, a human is generally more reliable, especially if the audio quality is poor. If you’re looking for a job that doesn’t require degrees, nor too much time of your day, check this position. There are many sites that hire transcriptionist all over the world. There are also many categories like medical, general, and legal transcriptionist. Medical transcribers tend to be paid more.

Unlike medical billing jobs, medical transcriptionists do not charge by the word; instead, they charge by the minute when they transcribe dictation into an electronic format, which is then sent to a provider or doctor's office for processing. You'll need excellent transcription skills and some experience to get this job. The pay is $15 an hour, with benefits and full training included.

5. Graphic Designer

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Graphic designers create traditional work for print media and websites, including brochures, corporate materials, advertising material, product packaging, catalogues and more — basically anything that needs to be visually appealing. You must have artistic ability as well as a degree in graphic design or art history. The pay is from $30 to $50 per hour, with benefits packages that include healthcare coverage and paid vacation time.

6. Independent Contractor

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If you have a computer, you can be your own boss and charge companies for your time. You'll be selling your services on the Internet and designing websites, writing content, coding software — whatever it is you do best. You must have excellent computer skills and a degree in your area of expertise. You decide your own worth. Expect to earn $30 an hour or more to start.

7. Blogger

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Looking to quit your day job and start blogging full-time? It's not a guaranteed income, but you can earn money by offering services on sites like Fiverr, or you can get sponsored by other companies to promote their products or services. To be a blogger, you must have excellent writing skills and a passion for whatever it is that you're doing. You'll need to work on your own schedule or within the confines of sponsorships. Bloggers can make $5 an hour or more, depending on skill and outreach.

8. Remote Engineering

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As a remote engineer, you'll be designing and creating software or computer applications on your own schedule. The pay can start at $25 per hour, with benefits and full training available. You must have excellent technical skills and some experience in the field, therefore some internship is recommended to start working in this field.

9. Virtual Tutor

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If you’re bilingual, you know languages or there’s some topic in which you are an expert, you should consider becoming a virtual tutor. A tutor is a person that offers his knowledge to students of all ages to help them learn something new, or achieve a goal. There are many kinds of tutors, and some positions do not require advanced degrees, especially if you want to help someone learn your first language. Pay usually is per hour at it starts from $10 and can go much higher.

10. Customer Service Representative


Working remotely with a call centre or customer service department, you'll be taking calls from customers or potential clients and responding to e-mail support requests. You should be very computer literate, able to concentrate while on the phone, and have excellent writing skills. The pay starts at $10 per hour and can go up to $18 per hour depending on your experience. Full benefits packages are available. As you can see from the above 10 jobs, working from home can bring in a variety of income levels, with some of them offering full benefits packages for employees who work more than 20 hours a week.

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