5-Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Offshoring!

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What is offshore software development?


Offshore software development is the task of outsourcing to third-party software services or software developer(s). These services can include mobile development, mobile app development, web development, software product development, and e-commerce development.

Benefits of Offshoring?


Reduced development cost, Access to qualifies talent, Access to the latest technologies, More time to focus on core business activities, and Shared risk & responsibilities, gives a competitive edge and Saves time.

How does Offshoring work?


For example, if you are based in America, and you outsource from India, it means that you used offshore software development services as there is a significant time zone difference. When you are delegating your entire project to a third party, you should look for a full-time software development company rather than a freelancer. The reason is freelancers might have expertise in a few areas. When you want to develop, for example, a mobile app, you require various skills and expertise that you can find with the offshore development company. Thus, offshore development heavily depends on your location and your partner company’s location.

Whom can you hire for work?


When you opt for offshore development, you can choose from a wide range of specialists all over the world. So instead of hiring a mediocre developer from your city or country, you can contact top-notch developers no matter where they are from.

Drawbacks of Offshoring?


Every medal has two sides. As for the drawbacks of offshore development, The cultural gap can also block communication. Cultural realities in Europe are similar to the ones in the US, Australia, and Canada, but in Asia, they can differ significantly. Different time zones are probably the biggest issue of offshore software development. It can make communication and problem solving quite difficult. To solve this problem, use communication software and plan online meetings beforehand.



Offshore software engineering is synonymous, and indeed means, outsourcing. The word ‘offshore’ simply marks the fact that you’re sending your business operation to be done remotely, by other people.

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