5+ Interior Design Ideas: Top Trends of 2022 you should not miss: Part 1!

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IF you step out into any guest's house, and you are now amazed by the interior decor. Now, it makes you feel like your house doesn’t owe any of them. You have a beautiful home but don’t make your guests amazed. Now, what?

Even you don’t want to have a high-scale investment as you have got a new home. So, don’t worry we have got an affordable budget-friendly guide for your home decor. In this modern era, everyone likes trends and being the trend. Imagine, if you follow these design ideas and then your guests never wish to go back home as they are adored by your home decor. Sounds good, right?

Bring in the browns


Brown is one of the classic shades being followed for decades. This colour signifies versatility and decency. To create an aura of royalty, make sure to bring the home decor with brown contrast shades. You can have a collection of brown shades in the form of a shoe rack in the foyer, a wooden brown sofa, a Dining room adorned with a marble planter, a coffee table in the veranda/kitchen, an antique wall clock, and wooden kitchenware. These are the best home decor items you can put to create a royal look to your home interior design.

  • Madhubani Handpainted Nested Tray.

  • Vesta Coffee Table.

  • Marriott Sofa.

  • Hopkin Shoe Rack.

Enjoy the heaven


Lights are like fragrance to the home decor. They are like the heart of the interior. If you want to make the guests or visitors overwhelmed by your home interior, make sure to have amazing lighting. For contemporary home designs, pendant lights are an ideal option. Opt for lighting that is unique and uncommon as it would attract the visitor’s eyes to look at your lighting.

  • Moroccan Pendant Light.

  • Macrame Hammock Swing Chair.

  • Metal Chandelier.

  • Rope Plant Holder.

Shine it out


We, humans, are emotional beings and in order to have a touch of emotions and sentiments, let’s connect with the assets or givings of our ancestors. Adding sentimental value through bronze furniture, crystal accessories, and jewellery box made up of old vintage patterns bring a royal and classic look to your interior. Your guests may be amazed by the exhilarating decor and interior outlook.

  • LED-Wall Art.

  • Floating Wall Shelf.

  • Wall Shelf.

  • Crystal Candle Stand.

  • Crystal Hanging Lamp.

Go green


Nature has a healing aura and what about having a healing environment within your home with the texture of the green interior design. Bring the eco-friendly vibe to your home, the best option is to create a little flowery space in your living room. You can keep some natural planters at the edges along with a flower vas in the centre of the table. This is the most budget-friendly and affordable idea that involves hardly any investment.

  • Queen Design Wall Art.

  • Bucket Wall.

  • Ceramic Planters for Kitchen.

  • Marble Planter.

Eye for Art


Art is a relief to our eyes. Without art, even science could’ prevail. If you think of creating amazing interior decor, you come up with brilliant ideas that are an art of thinking. Similarly, just creating a home isn't enough. Adding texture to artwork is essential. Create focal points for your interior, by having amazing wall arts. You can even frame your own portraits if you are a designer.

  • Niho Wall Shelf.

  • Buddha Mural.

  • Wooden Jharokha.

  • Metal Wall Mask.

Revitalize the olds

As we all know, “old is gold” So, make sure to go by this phrase by having a vintage look in your home decor wherever possible. If you are willing to have a minimalist living room, then this must be your go-to theme indeed. Having a texture of history and ornamental looks would definitely give a feeling of royalty to your guests.

  • Aeris Trunk Box.

  • Iron Folding Chair.

  • Echo Circular Carved Wall Mirror.

  • Animal wall plates.

So, these 5+ Design trends of 2022 would help you create an amazing and overwhelming look for your interior. This is part 1 of design trends. In order to expand your home decor to the next level, make sure to stay in touch so you can


have more info about part 2 wherein e would disclose even better trends.

Drop-in comments, when do you wish us to post part 2 which has got a long list of design ideas.

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