5 Songs to Enjoy On the Beach!

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The sound of the ocean, the wind brushing across your face as you down your beer and perfect weather to enjoy your beach day. Music can amplify your relaxation and make you feel like you have truly escaped to a tropical paradise.

Here are 5 songs to enjoy on the beach.

Monday At Back To The Beach by Jeff Rosenstock


This song is short but it captures the idea of hanging on the long striped beach chair while you have probably just downed another white claw. The distortion of the vocals adds a relaxing aspect that you would expect to hear under a giant colourful, umbrella. The saxophones, the mellow guitar and the beats of the drum add that beachy vibe. The lyrics are catchy and at some point, you or a friend will start saying "Monday At The Beach" in your own funny way. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but it fits the vibe.

I Wanna Go to the Beach by Algernon Cadwallader

This song may be about going to the beach but it also fits when you get there. "Simple clouds, simple clouds, any day" is what you want when you are at the beach and the rest of the lyrics make you want to go to the beach, no matter which one it is. The screaming in the song also adds a nice touch, the guitar might be more angst than in the last song and it works for that hot sand between your toes. The tone is an upbeat chill that will help make everyone get up and have fun. It is definitely something to sing to, especially if you are from Bermuda or Key Largo (as mentioned in the song.


Summer Shandy by The Front Bottoms


This song captures some of the people you may be at the beach with or see around you. The

lyrics may be simple but something about the singer's vocals transport the listener to a deck by the pier arguing with someone. The guitar is rough like the waves of the beach and the drums make the splash of the water. It can be played day or night, as long as someone is swimming it fits the mood just right.

I Saw Water By Tigers Jaw


This song is for the people who end up alone for a little bit on the beach. The lyrics capture the thoughts you get when all you hear is the sand getting picked up on the wind. It brings up a wide variety of feelings whether it is good or bad, those thoughts sometimes come with solitude. The harshness of the drums allows the listeners to get that overwhelming feeling of your head going underwater from a large wave and the guitar is the relief when your head comes back up for air again. The song might not be for the crowd but for the recluse out there, it is for you.

Island In the Sun by Weezer


This song is the definition of beach balls and good times at the beach. Whether it is the catchy lyrics or simply going "hey, hey" while swaying side to side while this is playing, it has what everyone wants from a beach song. The simple guitar riff, the smooth bass and the soft drum work allow it to be played day or night. It is joyful, chill and all-around fun for the whole group to enjoy. We will be playing and having fun while this blasts on our portable speaker.

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