5 ways to Ensure a Healthy Work-life Balance!

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In today’s world, the work culture in every industry has become so challenging, that it becomes very difficult for one to choose his/her priorities.

The constant pressure of working under severe stress and meeting deadlines, it often takes a toll on our mental and physical well-being. In such a demanding work culture, we must undoubtedly strive to excel in our respective professional fields, but at the same time, it should not be achieved at the cost of sacrificing our family’s needs and happiness. Here are 5 ways through which we can try to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Planning tasks


At the beginning of the day itself, a short to-do list can be planned, which will entail all the pending tasks, assignments, and work that you are planning to do and accomplish by the end of the day. Time management should be given the utmost priority and ensure that you do not exceed the assigned time frame for a particular task.

Leave ‘work at the workplace itself’


Do not overwork yourself, or schedule meetings after the designated work hours, as it may lead to constant burnout and exhaustion. Also, refrain from venting out your colleague’s anger on your family members back home. Know when to take a break and make space for family time and personal interests.

Communicate about issues


If there are any concerns that you feel must be addressed, do not hesitate to talk to your boss/senior/manager regarding the same. Communicate with them regarding any help or advice that you need with respect to the functioning of your day-to-day work routine. If the work culture gets very toxic and poses a threat to your emotional and physical health, it is always a good idea to quit the job and look for another one that suits your interests.

Take short breaks and vacations


Prioritize spending leisure time with your family and friends from time to time. Take leaves for festivals and vacations, and join a hobby or an activity that interests you. Try to keep your mobile and laptop away during the weekends and instead, spend time with your loved ones by playing badminton, watching television or preparing meals together. Go out for short trips and vacations with them so that you are able to prioritize your ‘family time’ also along with your daily work schedules.

Practice mindfulness and eat healthy


Do not sit in front of the computer for long hours, which otherwise may have adverse consequences on your health. Eat a balanced diet rich in protein and vitamins, and cut down on fast food, chips or cold drinks. Practice breathing exercises that will calm you down from all existing tensions and stress. Take at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep that will surely boost your productivity levels at work the next day.

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