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Gaming over the years has become more popular as a hobby. Video games are releasing faster than ever and sometimes it is overwhelming which ones to look forward to or ignore altogether.

Hopefully, this will help make your decision a little easier in the near future. Here are six games to look forward to. Disclaimer: Release dates are subject to change.

Slime Rancher 2 (Late 2022)


“Slime Rancher 2” is a first-person sandbox game, it will be more colourful and add more slimes than ever from its previous instalment in the series. The adding of a conservatory allows for more organization as you wrangle slimes into their pins to make some cash and other amalgamations of slimes. This will be a very relaxing game that will sprinkle hidden mysteries in “Rainbow Island” for the player to find after they are done taking care of their slimes. The first game felt repetitive about getting slimes, getting money, and unlocking doors for more pins and slime which got boring at times but now the developers seem to remedy this by having a whole area dedicated to the slimes. New areas are not just a swap of a colour palette anymore, now it looks like the players will have a whole lava area, a scary forest and colourful lands in between. The first game was enjoyable and the sequel looks to be even more enjoyable, will you become a slime wrangler?

Haunted Chocolatier (TBA)


“Haunted Chocolatier” may be the only game without a release year or date but following the development of ConcernedApe, it already looks promising. Selling chocolate in a big city with all the workers being ghosts is a unique concept and it is in that pixel style that ConcernedApe is known for. Not much is known about the game but it seems to be a spiritual successor to his previous game “Stardew Valley” which was an indie farm game. ConcernedApe is great at making each character in his game feel unique with all of them having their own story and struggles that the player can usually help out with. Also, the town seems to be more alive than ever and your choices of gift giving and talking may even affect how it may look in the future. If making relationships with town folks, collecting ingredients to make new chocolate and fighting off monsters in the outskirts of town is something you would like then I hope you have a sweet tooth for this game.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (2023)


“Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League,” says it all within the title, the player is in control of “Task Force X” in this third-person action adventure fighting game to kill the “Justice League”. Brainiac is always a great villain and playing anti-heroes action-adventure to stop the heroes that are being mind controlled by him makes an interesting plot point. The gameplay looks fast-paced with each character the player controls have a wide range of abilities, examples like Harley Quinn grappling a building then kicking an enemy with flashing colours, King Shark slamming into the ground then munching on some poor soul, and Deadshot flying around mowing people down with an LMG. It seems like each character will fit anyone's play style, but the game seems to focus on switching off between your rogue gallery to do the most damage. The art style seems great by ripping the characters from the comics and giving them a more modern style. If you like superheroes, villains and anti-heroes clashing all together then keep this on your radar.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (2023)


“Star Wars Jedi: Survivor” is a third-person souls-like RPGinstalment game and the sequel to “Fallen Order” which will be set in the timeline of “Kenobi” for fans if they are wondering. There is no gameplay footage but it will be similar to the previous installment with new force abilities most likely. The story is why this game is on the list, Cal Kestis was a refreshing new character to add to canon and him being an “Order 66” survivor was interesting to learn more about that tragic day. Now, we have more questions than answers like who is the guy in the bacta tank and is Darth Vader after him as well as the inquisitor? The last game did not disappoint in the story so the bar is set high for this game.

Alan Wake 2 (2023)


“Alan Wake 2” does not have any gameplay footage but Remedy Entertainment and Sam Lake have never disappointed fans of their reality-bending games. It has been twelve years since the original was released and the sequel will be evolving into a more third-personLake'ssurvival horror. For those of you familiar with Sam Lake writing, he knows when to put the twist and have each character feel important even if they were there for five minutes. His world-building of “Bright Falls” was incredible the darkness consuming it to the floating diver that will give you light. In the previous game, floating chairs needed to be destroyed by a flashlight and random enemies needed their darkness shed off before the player could do damage. It was a little repetitive at times but the story sunk you in like the lake you dive into in the beginning, it is a masterpiece and there are definitely high hopes for the sequel. The most I can say is “Twin Peaks” and “X-Files” had a baby which this game will most likely be.

High on Life (October 25, 2022)


“High on Life” is a first-person action adventure where Earth gets invaded by an alien drug cartel who kidnaps humans and sells them as drugs. If that premise seems mind-blowing, the guns also talk and each gun is also an alien with its own abilities. The gunplay seems unique where some release little aliens that eat your enemies, some shoot a platform to get up higher, and some mind control enemies to help you, which is only a small amount of the guns that may be wackier than the next. Justin Roiland is a creative director for the game so the “Rick and Morty” humour is inserted within the dialogue and story as well. He has talked about that there will be jokes maybe only a handful of players will find and how he really wants adult humour to be in the world of gaming itself. The gameplay looks spectacular, the gunplay looks crazy and the aliens you fight are different and weird in nature.

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