7 + Inexpensive Decor Ideas to Give Your Interiors a Desi Glamour!

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How beautiful it seems, to create a dream home you ever wished for. Does that dream home, you imagined based on size or its interior decor?

Yes, you visualised the facilities, the interior, and the designs that made you always feel overwhelmed. Indians, usually look for the interior designs being rendered abroad but we always would have a corner of desi touch no matter whatever we do.

Ahah, you must agree on the same, that no matter how many times we would travel abroad. but the fact is we would always love and eat our traditional dishes the same way. So, we are here to help you give a traditional and ethnic touch to your modern apartment with these 7+ expensive decor ideas:

Place a royal mirror frame

Mirror frames are a symbol of royalty and class in themselves. Their appearance creates a different aura of class ad a high-class aura. Indians have got a fascination for wooden frames and mirrors, so this helps to add an aesthetic Indian touch. To have a desi touch-up, you can use heavily carved wooden mirror frames.


Antique sideboards

Storage cabinets and sideboards are like a tadka masala for Indians. To have everlasting durability of products, we need to have proper storage of our products. So, these antique storage boards help us to give an aesthetic and valuable Indian pop-up. Few designs such as jalli design or intricate carving help to give an ethnic touch to your home decor.


Finally detailed jharokhas

In India, the art of wooden crafts and handicrafts has been popular for decades. Opting for final detailed wooden furniture is the ideal way to infuse a traditional touch into your home decor. To add an essence to your bland interiors, wooden jharokhas are the ideal piece of decor. Jhaorkas help to provide a luxurious touch along with an ethnic atmosphere which creates a perfect blend for your modern apartment.


Artistic cushion covers


If you have plain coloured pillow covers, get over that trend. It’s time to rock your bedroom look with an ethnic pillow cover design. Showcase the Indian art and culture just with ethnic pillow cover designs is an everlasting trend that would cherish your bedroom. Intriuidting folk collection of pillow covers with a variety of collections like Embroidery, beadwork, hand block print, and Worli print would be the best design for your ethnic pillow covers. If you are looking for a cost-effective and low-budget best home decor collection, don’t miss out on the ethnic collection of pillow covers.

Luxurious rugs and carpets

Rugs and carpets that throw off an ethnic vibe and texture are the best decors for your room and living. Imagine your guests walking into your home and before they step in the outer appearance of your home look so classic yet ethnic. Such a traditional pop-up is a beauty to your home decor and eyes. Opting for hand-woven rugs and carpets helps to give an indin touch. Also, to best describe the culture Artsy patterns or vibrant colour combinations.


Handcrafted tableware


Indians were always known for their gold and richness. So, bring that atmosphere of royalty and class to your modern apartment with the Ethnic pop-up. The handcrafted tableware is a perfect piece to fill your space with flavour and liveliness. Bring the character of Indian culture. You can dd desi glamour handmade artsy coasters, cutlery holders, wooden casseroles, etc.

Majestic lightning


Doesn't lighting give you a trip? Whether it’s a party, wedding, or a night over at home. So, how about creating a desi and charm culture with lights. Lantern shape lightning furnishings represent Indian style and ethnicity. It also helps to create glamour and texture of happiness and full flight. By using such elements you can increase the ethnicity and art of your home decor.

Folk art figurines


If we talk about folk art, Rajasthan is one of the best states for their traditional and folk dance. In ancient times, there would be puppet shows to communicate and portray the beauty of folk culture. Even, in modern times there is been a craving for the modern population to watch ancient art. So, make the modern generation stay in touch with the ethnicity and history of folk culture. This also displays your personality and respect for your culture. Some interesting ideas include:

  • Keeping folk statues that show the folk history.

  • Showing the art culture of various cities and states.

  • Displaying different folk trends as a story through folk art.

Along with that, you can also opt for backdrops such as portraits, ancient art, rulers, your religious ancestors, and their life stories, or a portrait of your oldest family members. So, these 7 Inexpensive home decor ideas are the ideal suggestions for creating an ethnic design for your home decor.

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