74 Years of Independence: Did India Progress?

India | Independence | 07th November 2021 | Virtual Wire


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India completed 74 years of independence in 2021 with achieving high growth in fields of technology, economic growth, health, infrastructure but lags in providing justice to its citizens.

It has left its ‘Hindu rate of growth after the reforms that it undertook in the 1980s and 1990s, but the delivery of the results is very uneven. Some sections have prospered at the expense of others and the government has failed, to some extent, in maintaining equity. Economic prosperity is not the only area where India has developed such inequalities, despite being the second-largest producer of agricultural products, it’s not able to ensure the delivery of food to its citizens.

India is grappling with hunger and malnutrition issues on the food provision front and cancer, suicide, accidents deaths on the health front. Even though new policies are continuously made and implemented but still we haven’t progressed in a real sense. On the political front, we still haven’t gotten dedicated leaders as some of them are corrupt others are just playing the blame game.

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However, it’s difficult to judge which ones are genuine which ones are not, we often hear that all politicians are just the same, and even the good ones too become bad. The law delivery process is full of enigma, the delivery of enforced law isn’t ensured and the much-needed laws are still not formed.

The freedom of expression now always comes with sedition cases, drug cases involving big people are often dropped, the economy is in recession but Center-Vista can’t be postponed, politicians are playing blame games, more instances of religious and caste conflicts, India’s internal situations are not comforting and require immediate actions to ensure the enforcement of laws aligned with the constitution.

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The most affirmative thing is that India is moving at a swift pace to ensure the safety of its population from the novel coronavirus but ensuring vaccination of all the potential ones. Constitution isn’t expected to deliver everything but it’s expected to deliver at least the minimum.

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