8 Effective Ways To Control Your Nerves Effectively During A Driving Test!

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The number of people who take a test drive in the UK is 6000 daily. It is stressful for a student because they already spend a lot of money on taking lessons.

Even the test fees are high. As 40% of the students fail, it's a waste of money. There are many reasons why learners fail, but the main reason is driving test nerves. While giving the test, when you rest your hands on the steering wheel, your heartbeat goes up, you begin to shiver, you get a cramp in your stomach, you go sweaty, and whatnot! And when you see the examiner sitting beside you! You lose your calm.

The most important tip


At this moment, the first thing that you can do is to think of the examiner as your friend. Don't you show off your skills to your friends effortlessly? The examiner is there to test you, not to give you punishment. You can talk to your examiner a little as you speak with your friends if you can do so without losing concentration.

Study the tips & tricks given by The Regional Transport Authorities/Offices. Keep reading to learn more about how to control your nerve during tests. Here are eight things you need to follow to calm yourself.

  • Deep Breathing Meditation: You get calmed down when you start breathing deeply. Living deeply makes it easy to relax and let go of all your stress and tension. It helps in keeping the body and mind centred and away from distractions.

  • Glucose D: You may feel dizzy because of the stress you take before driving. At such times, Glucose D provides all the necessary nutrients to the body, so the mind is refreshed. It gives energy to the body immediately.

  • Be Prepared and Organized: Study all the guidelines from The Regional Transport Authorities/Offices. Make sure you have practised practising according to these guidelines at least once. Come on time during the test. If you are late, your mind will hold guild and will panic. Relax and be on time.

  • Imagine Your Past Best Drives: Recollect the best moments you had while driving. The good turn you took, the great timing you had while applying breaks, the speed you could control, and all the other small things you achieved while practising to drive.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothes: Make sure you feel comfortable with what you wear. Don't wear too tight clothes they won't let you breathe properly. Such small things make a huge difference.

Soothing And Calm Music


Play it if your examiner allows you to listen to soft music with normal volume. Music releases good hormones that will make you happy and lighten your mood. You can drive smoothly if you feel light in your head.

  • Eat Bananas! Doing this easily helps one to calm the nerves. Banana has vitamin D. They have a certain nutritional value that helps increase the happy hormone called serotonin. As said earlier, good mood, good driving.

  • Believe In Yourself: Tell yourself that you are ready. It would help if you were happy that you were allowed to take the driving test. This means you are keen enough. You have done this many times before, which is why your instructor has pushed you forward to give the test.

There are so many people on the road who drive; if it were that hard, we would have seen fewer vehicles on the road. This test is one of the easy and fun parts of your life. Enjoy your ride; enjoy driving!

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