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Life is the most beautiful gift given to the human species. Humans have progressed a lot for a long time but the one thing that unites them all is the fact that all of them had a life.

They were given a chance by life to live their own way. They were given a chance to be and to experience something that others are not lucky enough to experience. Life teaches a lot of things to many people because it’s a journey of ups and downs, a journey of being optimistic and pessimistic, a journey of either chasing truth or false. Life has its own way of teaching people differently by giving them problems in their life. If you think that you have complete control of life then it’s fine and good but if you think that life is completely out of your control then you should not worry at all. It happens with all of you. The reason is that life is not a 100-metre race or something it’s a marathon. Marathon’s are not supposed to finish within 2 minutes or something, it's supposed to take time to run. In the same way, one should consider life as a marathon that keeps on going and going. It’s supposed to stop on the day you die.

What’s life supposed to mean then? Why are we the special ones to receive life and experience the good and bad side of it? It’s because of various reasons ranging from people to people. Every person’s life is different from the other which means that there will be a different kind of obstacles in every person’s life. The idea is to deal with the obstacles with a calm and positive mindset. With obstacles comes the chance to outperform and go the extra mile for your dream. So why not deal with obstacles and deal with the risk, stress and everything that comes in your way. There are truly different stages of life for every individual. One side of life is your school life then comes college then work/ office/ job. It doesn’t stop with the job but keeps going on by adding more responsibility to your life. I would like to describe life through a short poem for you.


Life is like a memory in a box the more the eyes see through better the memory captures it.

So in order to feel life truly, One should experience it thoroughly. So the only way to survive life is not to be too serious about it and keep working on your craft. The only way to truly live is by experiencing everything in your surrounding, learn and responding positively. Being too serious also becomes a problem and not being serious at all also becomes a problem so be balanced in your steps and give your best. The best way to give your best is by asking your gut feeling whether you worked hard for it or not. If your gut says no then work hard and try to improve. Keep assessing yourself and never get discouraged by anything that comes negatively. Learn and let go of the past and keep growing and moving forward in life. That’s how you should live your life.

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