A 20-Year-Old Quits Home: Why?

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Some people are born with wanderlust. This is what it means to have an innate desire for travel and exploration. For some, the urge to explore never goes away, even when they're adults.

When you're young and your parents want you home, but all of a sudden, you decide that you've had enough and need to get out of there- we call this leaving home without graduating from high school or college. It's most common among 20-year-olds who leave their homes because they feel they can't live under their parents' rules anymore.

Why do they want that?

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They want to be able to do their own thing without someone breathing down their necks. This is when they decide that living in an apartment or a house with other people like them would work best for them, so they go into the world on their own. They have all this energy and drive that has been building up inside them since they were kids, but no one ever really understood it because life was just too busy growing up; getting married at 18 years old and having six babies by 25 wasn't. Unheard of back then!

There are many reasons why 20-year-olds leave home without graduating from high school or college. Some people get tired of being under parental authority, while others don't feel the need to waste more time studying even though they're capable of graduating. This is why we can no longer blame 20-year-olds for leaving home and instead offer them our support because they deserve to live their lives like everyone else: on their terms.

How was the scenario before?

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20-year-olds are not the only ones who leave home without graduating from high school or college. Before them, it was common for 18 and 19-year-olds to do this as well. It's become more popular over time because of how society has evolved. When people were anticipating getting married at a young age and have children soon after finishing their education, 20-year-olds left home much less frequently than they do today!

Nowadays, though, with all these options available that weren't around before, like moving into other households or even travelling abroad on one's own accord, there is no reason anyone should feel too pressured by others if they decide to move out at an early age. There are many ways in which someone can live independently, and it's because of this, we see 20-year-olds leave home like never before.

Is it normal?

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No, it's not. Leaving home at a young age is more common in some cultures than in others. In fact, according to certain studies done on this specific matter, people from the United States are less likely to leave their homes before graduating high school or college compared to those living in other countries- like Spain, for example!

This means that 20-year-olds who decide they can no longer live under parental authority aren't as alone as you might think because many of them come from different parts of the world we're leaving home without finishing your education isn't looked down upon by society and instead celebrated!

So while everyone else might be wondering why someone would want to move out when they're still so young and whether or not there was even time enough for them to experience all their favourite places, we need to remember that everyone is different and has different ways of living life.

20-year-olds leaving home without graduating from high school or college isn't something new; however, the environment in which people live today might be what makes this such a popular phenomenon among young adults who want more out of their lives than just following society's expectations.

They're rebels because they don't care about social norms! Sure, moving into another household when you're still so young could seem like a weird decision- but not if your parents never supported

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your dream of becoming an artist or musician before even giving you the chance to try it out on your own.

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