A Burger Shack or Comedian?

Burger | Comedian | 30th November 2021 | Virtual Wire


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Known for more than the Baconator sandwich, Wendy’s is also famous for its strong social media presence.

The brand has turned to Twitter to deliver some of the hottest diss posts on the internet. People today use social media to distract themselves from their busy lives. They often scroll through the feed, searching for anything to make them laugh, such as memes, videos, or comments of people roasting each other. Wendy’s brings all this to the table and then some!

In 2017, the brand spiked from having 1 million Twitter followers at the beginning of the year to a whopping 1.2 million new followers by the end! This was a particularly active year for humourWendy’s Twitter account. It realized that people online enjoy a no-filter approach to humor, and like to see people talking smack against each other. The brand took this knowledge to use in their posts and became a Twitter star.

In November, McDonald’s accidentally tweeted a bookmark post for Black Friday. The post went out early before it was edited. Wendy’s saw this opportunity to fire shots at McDonald’s for its error. Posting what became the most engaging tweet of the year. Wendy’s

tweeted, “When the tweets are as broken as the ice cream machine,” referring to McDonald’s notoriously always broken ice cream machine.

Wendy’s is quick to deliver the burns, and it is equally as quick to respond to its followers. The Twitter page generally comments back within an hour after being tagged in a Twitter post. The brand knows when to switch the tone and be friendly with customers.

Prior to the roast of McDonald's, Wendy's had gained a lot of attention on Twitter from a teenager named Carter Wilkerson. Carter made a tweet tagging the fast-food chain, asking how many retweets he would need to achieve in order to get free chicken nuggets for a year. Wendy’s replied within a minute, “18 million.” The post quickly went viral, receiving 1 million retweets in 2 days with the trending hashtag “#nuggetsforcarter.”

The post was grabbing the attention of everyone, even celebrities were chiming in. Ellen Degeneres is particularly worried that her record for the most shared tweet was in threat of Carter’s trending post. At the time, her tweet had about 3.2 million shares. Carter’s nugget request surpassed Ellen’s photo and became the most shared retweet of all time. Wendy’s promised that once Carter’s post broke the record, it would donate $100,000 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, a US charity set up by the founder of Wendy’s.

Wendy’s Twitter bio reads: “We like our tweets like we like our fries; hot, crispy, and better than anyone expects from a fast-food restaurant.” Those words hold true as the brand continues to deliver the spiciest roasts and also maintain an open line for customer-brand communication. It rises high above competitors with the image portrayed on social media.

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