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A mother’s love is always cherished and celebrated in one way or the other because she is the epitome of love, a person who tells us how to love selflessly, but what about a father.

Sure the child is attached to a mother even before they are born, but after it comes to the world it’s first everything is taught by his father, they say a man is always a child at heart but when he becomes a father he is a true sense becomes more aware and responsible.

A mother can make mistakes and can be forgiven because she is a mother, she has already done so much for you including carrying you for 9 months and going through all that tuff life, when it comes to a father if he makes mistake he is misunderstood, we think of him as a bad person who doesn’t respect anything or anyone around him.

Fatherhood is a very crucial part of one’s life because it affects the kind of person one becomes growing up and it has effects, just as much it would have an effect when a mother goes wrong, everyone in the family suffers Sure we have these stereotypes which make us think how inadequate or clumsy or outright are today’s dads are which is wrongly portrayed as there are so many people or you can say dads around the world who have played the role of both mother and a father.

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Whom we call single dads and they are pretty good at their job. Remember, while fathers are sometimes portrayed in a less favourable light, it doesn’t mean that they don’t know how to approach the raising of a child, otherwise there would be no point for a man to be a part of a relationship after the child was born whatsoever.


While both parents are there to provide equal amounts of support, a father’s responsibility is to not only be a good father and a husband but to be a disciplinarian – helping teach children about responsibility and discerning right from wrong, as well as helping build important aspects of your child’s character.

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Discipline and fun

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While yes, disciplining has its merits, there also needs to be some sort of balance between discipline and fun. You need to realize that your kids aren’t robots and they won’t respond well to constantly being told that what they’re doing is wrong or bad. Being stern, but fair is the right way to go about it since it’s up to you to help build your child’s character up.

Being a good role model

Besides the fact that you have a certain fight or a rift with your child, they tend to act like you in some way or the other which leads to the type of choices they make and which leads to the type of person they will become. Your everyday life interactions with people make an impact on their growing minds which is very important.

Being stern, but fair is the right way to go about it since it’s up to you to help build your child’s character up. It will create a positive impact on them especially

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the daughters, as they are said to be closer to their dads will impact the decision they make while choosing a life partner, most of them wants to have someone as their beau who has the same qualities as their father possessed.

Providing for a family

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While we’re well past traditional gender roles of the 20th century and households are becoming a lot more varied with the role of the provider sometimes going to the mother, or even both parents because the economy isn’t really forgiving, the fact remains that you should still contribute. A financially responsible father is a good father because raising children is not exactly cheap.

The most important part any father has to play is to set an example for their kids both a son, to be able to respect women and be an individual and independent, and the daughter to never settle for less, always keep their heads high .

We as a society have created and as well as has broken so many norms, one such is that a man can only work and cannot handle the house chorus and we also often tend to think that they do not make sacrifices, they do, it’s just that they don’t show it’s because a mother can get a weak sometimes, but a father can’t if the mother the house the father is the pillar who is making it stand the way it does all tall and strong.

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