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We have all felt and experienced the over and undervalued tones of various professions as a result of living in a competitive society.

Every engineer, doctor, lawyer, and bureaucrat has been praised for their enormous contributions to society and the world. We've also chastised these occupations for being overvalued while praising others that are "simpler," such as writing, painting, theatre, music, and dance. People claim that these aesthetically pleasing careers are easy to pursue because all we have to do is tell stories that can be concocted in an instant. This bigotry goes both ways.

Writing, defined in a poetic manner, is the art of storytelling, in the form of text, which comprises an exquisite and expensive collection of words and phrases. Likewise, when one thinks about the concept of a writer, they see the image of a person, sitting at a desk, by the window, gently pressing the nip of the pen, against the paper, and letting their story flow, through the ink. However, there is more to this profession than meets the judgmental eyes of society. For all we know, the writer is sitting in a cubicle, dreading the deadlines they need to meet, sipping down the second thoughts of quitting and taking up another job with coffee.

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There is a lot that goes behind producing a significant page of writing. A writer has to overcome many challenges that can burn one out, physically and mentally. One such problem is writer's block, where one experiences a creative slowdown or is unable to produce something new. This challenge not only disrupts the process of creative thinking but also makes the writer brood over the absence of ideas. Some writers who experience this, make alterations in their lifestyle and environment, hoping that it gets their brain to buzz. Others just stop working for a while and get back to writing eventually.

Another concern is the sheer abundance of topics that you wish to write about, but have to choose from. What is more important-your first heartbreak, a feature on an ancient temple, the pain and agony of the Kashmiri Pandits, or the recipe for disaster that is being cooked along the lines of communal violence, religious hate and regressive norms of patriarchy? It is something of Sophie's choice.

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Apart from these, there is a constant obstacle of catering to deadlines, while compromising between your creative process and your personal life. It feels as if life doesn't exist beyond the story that you're writing. However, all these efforts that a writer puts into their creation never go in vain. In the end, when you finally put the last full stop, voilà! It's done. But subconsciously that is when a writer begins thinking about the next story they want to tell and the process repeats itself.

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