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A Journey to My Favourite Place!

Journey | Favourite Place | Travel | 06th December 2022 | Virtual Wire



The bright morning with a perfect cup of coffee let’s start a day with some music and a smile on my face.

Packing my favourite pair of clothes stand in the mirror and cherish the spark of my eye dancing on clouds excited to visit heaven on earth m hitting the roads in the next 2 hours having my munching with me, the cold breeze on my face, the trees waving at me the sun following me, the birds guiding me directions all give rest to my pumping heart and rest to my soul, finally my directions change into my destinations stepping on land feels like walking on clouds it's white and cold, I ask a red cap boy to bring me a warm cup of tea, the warmth can I feel in my mouth is a feeling of satisfaction the nature seems so welcoming the breeze gives me chills, I blush with red cheeks and ready with my cold hands to experience my best time on earth.


Soon the sunrise and my face were kissed by the sun I met different people and learned about a different culture, learned a different language and also eat some delicious meals, at night staring at the sky makes me feel this world is full of experiences and this is just a glim of it, the little blinking glim at the dark night the breeze of heaven and the cold grass requested me to stop the time and enjoy the moment, but I knew this will end and a new shining spark will enter soon with a new day but still my heart was calm, my mind was present at the moment and my body was relaxed. Soon will get detached from the environment and will enter the struggle of life with people humping the peace and running to live, I wish to come and visit nature again and again with my heart and soul to grab my peace, m leaving this trip saying goodbye to my soul and promising it will come soon to visit again to have this lovely experience again.

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