A Letter to Death!

Letter | Death | 18th January 2022 | Virtual Wire


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Dear death, You never fail to amaze me. You come to anyone at any point in time even when the person is least prepared about you.

You know I am quite afraid of you whenever I hear about you my face always turns pale and I am forced to think deeply about you and with it, a thousand questions just pop up in my mind. Like, ‘are you something inevitable?’, ‘will i get enough time to live and enjoy my life?’, ‘will there be any regrets in my life by the end of life?’, ‘will I pass away happily and live happily ever after?’ and the list goes on and it is never ending.

Losing a near or a dear one is always the most difficult part of our life but I360-degree know you are something inevitable. Some people embrace you with open arms whereas others wish and regret that they had more time or could have done something fruitful or enjoyed every moment of their life as if it were the last but life is a journey and a never ending one even after an inseparable loss.

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When the covid hit us in 2020 our life took a 360 degree turn and everything just turned upside down. We were just so clueless about what’s the next. There was sadness and despair all around and people were so afraid to even move out of their house because they thought that they could be next in line to catch the deadly infection and stake their life. Everyone tried to be at home moving out only when it was too necessary.

Death, anxiety, depression were at its peak. People were sad, anxious and depressed as some were away from their homes, while others were losing their loved ones. They couldn’t even step out of their house. Death rates were taking a toll on people’s mental well being. They just wished that things turned out to the bright side of the horizon soon.

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In the end, we all know that death is something that is natural. Even a fower blooming fades away one day and we humans at the end of the day are all made up of dust and we get mixed in it in no time. If life can be a beautiful journey full of emotions, dramas and mellow dramas then what is death like? I am sure it would be much more beautiful than our life full of new adventures, new learnings and a never ending process of evolving ourselves to be a better version of what we were in the previous life.

Thanking you,

One who is forever afraid of you!

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