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Letter | Life | 18th January 2022 | Virtual Wire


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Dear life, You know the only question that keeps me curious to live is ‘why am I on this planet?’ ‘what is the purpose of my life?’ and with these questions constantly crossing my mind.

I live to find the purpose of my life. Each day when I do something different, I think that’s the purpose of my life. But actually, we never find the purpose of our life or maybe it shifts its focus from one purpose to another because if we remain fixated on one purpose in our life, probably that would be the end of our life because life is a journey, not a destination.

You know you have always a different way to altogether to teach the most difficult lessons of our life. Imagine when nothing is going right in your life all you see is disappointments, dejections and failures but no matter how hard you try you are unable to change the current scenario. What would you do would you surrender or succumb before your current scenario or look for that one single ray of hope that can change your life completely? Well, talking about any normal human would at least at an instant think about giving up. But giving up wouldn’t have solved anything but would have just made things too complicated to deal with.

We live our life actually under so much pressure and competition that we often forget to live. Life is not something to deal under pressure or live according to someone else’s terms and conditions but it is something to deal with positivity, enthusiasm and certainty. We always live under the fear of death that we often forget to live.

Life has a great way of teaching the most important lessons of our life. It removes people who we think we actually need but actually they just make us weak to the point that we often fail to make the right decisions in our life. The current scenario of living up our life has put us under so much pressure that we often forget to breathe. You know life is a vicious circle of birth and rebirth. When your purpose is fulfilled in your current life, you tend to die and take up a new birth and this process of birth and rebirth is endless and no one can ever over-power it.

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It is rightly said that ‘dust thou art, dust thou returnest’. We are all born from sand and eventually end up in the sand. Then what’s the point of holding grudges, being angry with one another or berating someone. It won’t harm them in any way but eventually end up harming us to which we cannot do anything to improve the scenario.

Yours truly,

A lover of life

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