A letter to Lucy!

Letter | 18th January 2022 | Virtual Wire


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A Letter to Lucy Dear Lucy, Today, i will be 100% truthful to you. At first, i hated you because i had to solely take your entire responsibilities.

I hated it when i had to take you out for a walk on a chilly winter morning. When the surroundings were all foggy. I hated it when you would run too fast and it was difficult for me to catch hold on you. I hated to share the last bite of my every meal with you. I hated it when at night while i was asleep you would come over my bed and lick me. But….

Soon enough you became a habit, a priority for me. I got adapted to each and every habit of yours. Taking you for a walk and keeping pace with you, keeping the last bite of my every meal for you. You would sit beside me at 2 A.M. when everyone was sleeping around in the house and I was crying over pity issues that have healed with time and you would shower your precious love on me.

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You would sit like an innocent baby at the front door of the house and wait for me to take you for a walk. Sometimes you would be so over enthusiastic that it would be difficult for me to calm you down and make you sit. It’s been six months since you left but that void is still irreparable. You have left a void that no one can ever fill. You have made me a maniac for pets but no one can ever take your place in my life. Although, i have got a new partner in form of Jerry but she can’t replace you. Your hater turned lover!

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