A Letter to Self!

Letter | Self | 18th January 2022 | Virtual Wire


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Dear self, I know lately you have been quite critical about yourself, you have lost faith in yourself and you believe you are worth for nothing.

You have been harsh on yourself, shaming yourself, depriving yourself and thinking that you are worth nothing. You have become so anti-social lately that you just hate meeting new people, you avoid crowded places and you feel low in self-esteem. You bestow your love on everyone except yourself, thinking that you are worth nothing.

I was born innocent and ignorant, everyone is born that way. With the time I had learnt to walk and talk and school taught us Literature, History, Science and Maths. Society taught me how imperfect a human being I am and there are so many flaws within me. With time I had learnt so much to not care, so much to be content about, but no one taught us the importance of self-love until that one friend who came along and taught me the importance of self-love and taught me the language of self-love and to love oneself unapologetically.

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And then the process of learning began once again, and I unlearnt what society had taught me before. And I became perfectly imperfect and started to love myself all over again with all my flaws, imperfections and edges! Yours mirror self!

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