A letter to Success and Failure!

Letter | Sucess | Failure | 18th January 2022 | Virtual Wire


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Dear success and failure, You both are the faces of one and the same coin yet so different. While one is glorified while the other is condemned completely.

If I get successful in anything people come around me like a beehive but on the other hand if I fail no one dares to come around and motivate me. If failure is so much unacceptable in our society why do people fail? Even great men have failed and learnt from their mistakes.

When I fail no one is around to help me cope up with it. I have to deal with my failure all alone, no one is around to talk or motivate me about it. But I have quite a different opinion about failure instead of condemning or hating it, we should celebrate it. It is not something bad that we should hate, but we all face failure at one point or the other in our life.

It is a lesson for us to not repeat the same mistake twice. We should celebrate it give ourselves our favourite treat because we learnt something new from our mistake and we promise ourselves to not repeat that mistake ever again in our life. When I faced success for the first time it felt like a dream come true moment, everyone around me was so happy and especially when I tasted the fruit of success for the first time, it changed my life completely there was no looking back. But how can I forget my failures it is what has shaped me, it has made me more confident. It makes me look at my failure with a smile and embrace it.

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No matter how badly I failed but there was something that I learned from each mistake that has taught me to be a better version of myself. If success and failure are the faces of one and the same coin, why are they treated so differently? I cannot deny the fact that to get successful in life one needs to taste the fruit of failure at least once in their life. The one who is not afraid of failure!

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