A Letter to the Victims of Consumerism!

Letter | Victims | 18th January 2022 | Virtual Wire


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Dear society, There is something terribly wrong with all of us, or maybe the way in which we are nurtured, or maybe the advertisements and movies have occupied the major space in our minds.

We do not think of trying anything out of the box rather we just follow the herd without using a bit of our common sense. We always try things that are promoted by our favourite celebrity or star. We do not use our own brain whether the product being promoted is good for our health or not. For example, if Salman Khan or some other celebrity is promoting a soft drink, shampoo or any other junk product.

We would immediately buy that product even without thinking about how much harm will it cause to our bodies? Do the celebrities promoting a certain product also consume that or are they doing it to earn money? Well, to be practical and realistic the answer is absolute no. Why would they eat tobacco or drink soft drinks when they both harm our bodies in some way or the other.

I don’t understand why do we just go with the trend or just follow our celebrities blindly putting all our trust in them but are they worth all that trust that we bestow upon them? I just wonder whether our blind faith in our celebrities would overpower our rational thinking or before we run out of time, we would get back on the right track and use our minds before buying or recommending any

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product to others. I just wish that sooner or later we all understand the right for ourselves and choose it wisely after knowing all the pros and cons of it and we don’t just follow our favourite celebrity blindly. Thanking You, One of the victims of consumerism.

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