A Moment That Changed My Life!

Life | 12th July 2021 | Virtual Wire

It was a summer evening, and the Sun was down. I went onto the terrace and felt the calm glazing winds caressing through my face. I plugged my earphones into my ears, and the songs took me to a whole fantastic world of mine.

I was obsessed with looking at the sky, admiring the exemplars that the Universe made; no sooner did I observe three stars aligned together in a straight line. Of course, I've always seen stars here and there, but seeing them aligned in a line seemed fascinating to me.

Having my phone in my hands, I couldn't resist and started to explore the constellations in the sky on the internet. After a long research for about an hour, I came across a constellation known as Orion, and the three aligned stars appeared to be Orion's belt.

I had never tried to locate a constellation, and before examining Orion's belt, I always thought that the constellations were only visible in the North and South pole. However, it was very late, so I went back to my room and remained amazed for a very long time.

The next day I climbed up the terrace again in the hope to spot the whole Orion this time. Some of the stars were very bright, but some of them were even highly dim. Finally, after trying for numerous days, I spotted the entire Orion on the eve of 28th September on a clear night sky.

Observing the Orion might not be a great deal for everyone, but it was like a dream come true for me. It was me who had acquired an excellent reverie for the night sky within the past few days.

Every day, I used to go up to my terrace and glare up towards the atmosphere, trying to find new heavenly bodies visible to the naked eyes. It's been almost a year, and I've spotted a ton of heavenly bodies floating above our heads in space. However, the most glorifying object I've ever encountered was the Neowise comet.

According to scientists, the Neowise comet visits our Earth once every 6,800 years. I consider myself extremely lucky to be one of the few people who have spotted the comet with their naked eyes around the globe.

My anticipation for the stories of the Universe began with a bunch of variable stars, and now here I am greatly indebted by the Universe for unravelling such daunting yet thrilling mysteries to me.

In the past few months, I have been so amazed by the discoveries and advancements in Science that now I wish to become an Astrophysicist to contribute my ideas towards the uprising field of Astronomy. I still have no words to describe the amusement and anticipation that I have developed over the past year after finding myself firmly attached to the Universe.

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