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A college entails some of the best moments of a person’s entire life. However, ask anyone who’s already been through college, and the first thing that they’ll suggest is to take care of oneself.

But why is self-care so important, especially in college? Got you wondering didn’t I? Well… fret not. I’ve prepared a list of little, easy-to-do self-care practices that you can do on an everyday basis to glow up and be your best self!

Fix your sleep patterns:

Often more than not, it is seen that people that are still in college, struggle to complete their sleep. This is because of overburdened schedules, stretched deadlines, and a lack of prioritizing of daily tasks.

However, this is not a healthy thing at all, in fact, lack of sleep can lead to severe side effects, both physical and mental. So, make sure that you’re sleeping on time. Another thing that I’d like to point out here, is the need to reduce the amount of caffeine intake.

Caffeine has a direct effect on our sleep and can provide a dose of serotonin in our body for a small amount of time. But, once the effect wears off, you’ll feel fatigued. So, it is best to either completely avoid caffeine-based products, or reduce them to the best of one’s ability.

Take a stroll outside:

Staying at home/hostel and going out only for your classes can prove to be severely monotonous and hamper your everyday tasks. So, once in a while, just go out for a leisurely stroll or for some physical activities.

Trust me; you’ll be surprised at the amount of difference this simple practice can make. You’ll feel more refreshed than ever before, and feel rejuvenated enough to complete your tasks with full efficiency.

Stay hygienic and eat healthily:

Make sure that you set up and follow a daily cleanliness regime. Everyone needs to stay clean and hygienic and follow the basic cleanliness practices everywhere they go. Being clean also helps in not contracting any kind of skin disease or any disease for that matter.

Also, it is equally important to eat healthy food as well. Avoid eating outside food, specifically junk food at all times. Make sure that your day’s total intake mostly consists of nutritious and healthy foods that are full of proteins carbohydrates and good fat, with little to no junk or oily foods.

Meditate and Introspect:

One should make it a habit to take some time out of their hectic schedule and meditate for a little while. Meditations can actually do wonders to a human being, both physically and mentally.

It helps improve our breathing, while also clearing our heads and freeing them of any negative thoughts and toxicity. Another thing that one should do at regular intervals is introspection.

Take a moment to look back on all that has happened in, say, the past week or the past month. Figure out what were the happiest moments were, and cherish them, whilst also determining the certain areas you found yourself severely lacking in, and promise yourself to work off those aspects of yours. Introspection is one of the best weapons a person has to achieve self-growth, tranquillity, and peace.

Determine your bounds:

In college, one may come across a particular situation where they know that doing one particular task is wrong for them and for those around them. In such a situation, always trust your gut feeling and know when to say no to something.

Always agreeing to everything can create a huge mess in one’s life. So, remember that it is always better to know when to stop and turn back.

But, that’s about it from my side. Now all you need to do is just go and try the practices that I’ve mentioned here. They’ll, slowly but definitely result in a large amount of quality of life improvements and as I previously mentioned, help you become the best version of yourself!

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