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A Trip to Our Emotions!

Trip to Emotions | Life | Thoughts | 06th December 2022 | Virtual Wire



A flower blooms and withers after some time, the law of nature resides on time, and the time best part it teaches and passes away.

We stand after hurting ourselves multiples time, controlling emotions is not an art through by time, emotions are the intensity of our expectations from others, the regret we feel the sorrow the happiness and the love we experience, a man's greatest weapon is getting emotionally strong and acceptance of what they get. The feeling of love is actually the fact is the person capable to stand in your boat to sail to your destination, life is full of experiences and depends on us how we are taking it how we are dealing with the situation and how we moulding ourselves worth according to the environment, a child get disappointment when the second child comes at home and the love gets distributed since our young age we have a feeling of worthy and belongs, then we come at companionship stage where we seek for love and friendship from others and trust others.


At this stage we learn how to examine our feelings and evaluate them before bringing them into action, the real digging is about why we still fool ourselves into knowing the consequence of falling emotionally this happens because some of us do not know the worth of ourself we question what we deserve also sometimes it’s hard to get the mirror but this is what reality looks like, we accept the emotions we get and deserve what we get, soon after getting balancing in emotions we step carefully step by step and here what makes builds our decision more mature the path of emotions build our personality, and how to manage our emotions, at starting its important to know the worth of yourself and accept what you deserve, stand for yourself and love the reflection of the mirror, after a bright sunny day the dark of glim comes that doesn’t mean the sun will not rise the next day.

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