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The measures taken to prevent or reduce air pollution are called air pollution management.In this blog, you will not only read about air pollution management but will also know what air pollution is.

What are its causes? Along with this, what is the big problem in the management, it will also be known. This is very important for us to know about air pollution management because it can reduce problems like climate change and global warming, which can become a big threat to the whole world in the coming years.

1). What is Air Pollution.

Air Pollution is the excessive increase of any substance like solid, liquid, and gaseous particles in the atmosphere. At present, air pollution has become a big problem for the whole world because due to this, not only nature but also human health is having a very bad effect.

2). Sources Of Air Pollution & Its Effects :

The causes of air pollution are by both factors direct and indirect. Some direct factors are not yet known, but the list of indirect factors are as follows -

Carbon monoxide (CO ).

It is a colourless, odourless haemoglobin gas that is produced by the incomplete burning of carbon-based fuels including petrol, diesel, and wood. Some other factors for its production are the combustion of natural and synthetic products such as cigarettes.

It reduces the amount of oxygen present in our haemoglobin, which causes a lot of damage to our bodies. CO causes damage to the human brain, which includes problems like sleepiness, slow reflexes and makes us confused.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ).

Carbon Dioxide increases the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere, and it increases due to human activities such as the burning of coal, oil, and natural gas.

Due to an increase in CO2, its heat leads to melting ice caps and rising ocean levels. This is the major reason for global warming.

Lead (Pb) :

It is present in petrol, diesel, paints, hair dye products, lead batteries, and many more products which we use in our day-to-day life.

It can cause nervous system damage and digestive problems and in some cases cause cancer. It can harm mostly children. In 1991, America named lead as a major factor in the cause of air pollution.

Some Other Factors:

Apart from all these factors, there are other main factors of air pollution such as toxic organic micropollutants (TOMP), Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), etc.

All these factors increase the risk of respiratory infections, heart disease, stroke, lung cancer and more severely affects people who are already ill.

3). Air Pollution Management:

Air Pollution management can prevent or reduce air pollution. Some important points of air pollution management are as follows -

* Avoid using fossil fuels like petrol, diesel, gas, and coal, etc that are the main cause of air


* Improvement in processing in industrial areas.

* Stop deforestation and plant more and more trees.

* Reducing the use of synthetic fibres and not burning them.

* And most importantly, to make people aware of air pollution and its ill effects. To

motivate them to do their part to stop air pollution on their behalf.

4). Barriers to Air Pollution Management :

* There are many direct and indirect causes of air pollution, some of which are not yet


* It is a big challenge t reduce the increasing population day by day and its increasing use of

fossil fuels.

* Preventing deforestation due to urbanization and development is also a major challenge.

* The biggest problem out there is less knowledge and an indifferent attitude towards air

pollution among people.

According to WHO, every year around 7million premature deaths are due to air pollution in the whole world, of which 600,000 are only children. These figures are frightening but At the same time, they are going to alert us that if the air pollution and its management are not taken seriously, then the situation may get worse in the coming times. That's why there is a need to create awareness and take appropriate initiatives about air pollution and its management.

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