All About Negative Calorie Foods – Fact or Myth?

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Negative Calorie foods are being discussed on diet forums, in newspaper articles, and on television, but claim accurate? Can a food possibly have negative calories?

Everyone knows that all the food we eat contains calories that we utilize for energy. Unused calories are hung on to by the body and cause an increase in weight. That's simple enough to comprehend, but some dieticians believe that foodstuffs. In particular, those that the body works harder to process, have the ability to burn more calories as working through them expends more energy than what is contained within them. These foods cannot be 'Negative calorie foods as, in reality, they contain calories. However, the calories in these foods will be burned… and more during the digestive process.

For instance:


Celery contains roughly five calories per portion. You eat the celery, and the consumption, digestion, and processing of the celery will use more than eight calories to complete, increasing the total amount of calories consumed by eating the celery to a below zero number, -3! Other foods which allegedly contain a zero-calorie effect include lots of fruits and vegetables in their raw form, such as; beets, spinach, pineapple, strawberries, and mango. Even water expends more energy to consume than the calories it has, like it, does not have a calorific content.

Sounds great, doesn't it?


Well, it can be, but there are downsides. Your body will not work correctly if you continue to eat only these harmful calorie foods to lose weight. Your body must have energy for walking, thinking, and exercising, and if your digestive system uses more calories than the foods you choose contain, you will become ill. Also, you will miss out on vital fats and proteins, which are essential for a nutritious diet.

A better option for utilizing these low-calorie foods may be to choose a calorie-controlled meal plan that enables you to consume a controlled quantity of calories for energy each day. Then, when you're keeping within your calorie consumption, but need a snack, pick a harmful calorie fruit or vegetable. As these calories are cancelled out by digestion, you can eat as much as you want and keep within a low-calorie diet.

So what's the verdict on harmful calorie foods?


It appears that the negative calorie diet is just another novelty diet for forgetting to exercise by relying on food to burn its calories. Super low-calorie foods are superb as snacks to assist in remaining within a low-calorie diet; however, they should not be relied upon as a long-term diet solution. Again it is clear that the most reliable way to slim down healthily is to exercise regularly and eat a good range of healthy foods.

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