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Exile | 18th January 2022 | Virtual Wire



Having grand parents is always a blessing for all of us. They narrate us so many stories sometimes fictional, and sometimes about their own struggles and we get to learn a lot from these stories.

Actually these stories are the foundation of our thinking and how we evolve ourselves. The stories are always so interesting that we are always left curious and just think about what’s next? I remember one such story when the Indo-Pak war took place and the foundation of a separate nation was laid i.e. Bangladesh. The West Pakistan launched an attack on the minority people living in the East Pakistan. They were mostly the Bengalis and the students living there. People were agitated by that uprising and the people of East Pakistan were being killed mercilessly. People did not use their own brain rather just followed the herd blindly.

People of East Pakistan were forced to leave their nation and rescue themselves while some just refused to move out because people thought that some day they are said to move out of this nation while on others they are asked to move out of their nation as well. We are created in the same way by God but we people have separated ourselves on the basis of religion, race, sex, lines, maps, borders and what not. But is it all worth it those fights, those separations.

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We are all born from the motherland and we eventually get mixed in it. I remember my dadi’s saying that ‘this is my nation, that is yours but until when? Are you sure some other day it won’t get separated?’ Well we humans tend to be fighting over petty issues where nothing is permanent even our own existence. We all are supposed to die and leave this place forever.

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