Android Vs iOS: Which is the right pick for you?

Android | iOS | 7th February 2022 | Virtual Wire


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The debate between Android and iOS has been quite a famed one. It has been going on since both the OSs were first used, more than a decade ago. Still, however, there hasn't been quite a conclusive answer.

The reason behind this is quite simple - each of us is different. We have our preferences and ways of living. Therefore, it ultimately wounds upon the individual what they want. Thus, I have tried to narrow down the fundamental characteristics that each OS fulfils and which one is better.

Visual Customizations - Android

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If you're a fan of customizing your phone with various themes, live wallpapers, and more, then Android is the right pick for you. Android has a wide array of inbuilt and third-party customization options to choose from that make it a fun alternative. iOS, on the other hand, has limited customization options unless jailbroken.

Battery Life: iOS

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Android phones, despite having bigger batteries underperform when it comes to battery performance. Bigger batteries not only make the phone bulkier but can also cause overheating problems. On the contrary, iOS is optimized to conserve battery life as the apps don't keep running in the background like Android. Therefore, in spite of having smaller batteries, iOS has a better score.

RAM Management: iOS


As previously stated above, since iOS is optimized to freeze applications when not in use, it has better RAM management than its counterpart. It is the answer to why iOS devices have way lesser RAM than Android devices but still operates smoothly even years later while Android devices start lagging after a year or two.

Rooting and Jailbreaking: Android

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This one is probably a no-brainer. Android phones can be rooted and jailbroken easily. There are several customizable other versions of Android that you can try out which provide even more features. iOS devices can jailbreak too. However, even after jailbreaking, you do not have complete control over your device.

Software Updates: iOS

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The clear winner here is iOS. iOS devices get updates even after years of getting launched. Whereas many Android phones usually stop receiving it after two years. Software updates are a must for your phone because they improve the user experience. Moreover, they also protect against privacy and security threats.

Device Selection: Android

iOS is available only on Apple devices and is thus exclusive. Contrarily, Android devices are available at various brands. On the plus side, the consumer has a wide choice regarding design, price, size, features, etc.

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Security and Privacy: iOS

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Another no-brainer, the win clearly goes to iOS. It has a number of different options to protect your data and other security features that include a safer Face ID. You can even remove all Google applications; an option Android doesn't have. These are some of the primary options/ characteristics that can help the customer to make an informed decision if they haven't used one of the OSes beforehand. However, I would personally recommend trying an actual demo first before buying. You can do this by borrowing a friend's phone or buying an older, cheaper phone.

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