Anxiety:- Lifestyle Changes Bring about Improvement!

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Family issues and unhealthy diet being a major cause of anxiety attacks.

The word anxiety is derived from the Latin “anxietas” (to choke, throttle, trouble, and upset) and encompasses behavioral, affective and cognitive responses to the perception of danger. It is a mental illness that is now foreseen to be increasing at a higher rate and leading to many other disorders such as headache, depression, migraine, insomnia etc. Its long-term effects are even more severe and long-lasting. Harvard Health (2008) found that Anxiety was related to chronic illnesses such as GI issues and heart disease. Although anxiety is just a fear of a situation and it generally lasts until that particular situation ends. But in some cases, this fear gradually increases and settles deep down like a phobia in a person's mind and it might start interfering with day-to-day activities the person starts facing social phobia (social anxiety disorder) and the person is likely to start staying alone and which may lead to depression.

There had been some more severe cases where some past shock or any unhappy event leads to trauma in patients and such patients get frequently triggered and sometimes within minutes they can have panic attacks. According to the World health organization report, anxiety is widely observed in about 264 million adults of the world's population. Of this approximately 67% are females and 33% are males. It's estimated that about 48 million of China's population, and 38 million Indians suffer from anxiety, the ratio lasts to 6.8 million Americans and 8 million of the UK's population. But still, only half of this population is seeking treatment.

Causes of Anxiety


Anxiety is related to the lifestyle of a person. Lifestyle can either increase or decrease the level of mental health issues. There might be many reasons for anxiety such as chronic diseases in which a patient might develop a fear of never getting well or it might be the effect of medicines or sedatives prescribed for pain relief after surgery or drug withdrawal symptoms. Recent studies have shown that children having family issues have been majorly suffering anxiety as they start fearing the world because of regular ordinary worries and never being loved or cared for. Such children might develop Athazogarophobia i.e. fear of being forgotten or left out or Agarophobia i.e. fear of some places that might trigger past incidents. According to recent studies by the International Journal of Environmental and Public Health, childhood traumas are a risk factor and reports are associated with long-lasting anxiety disorders. Another major cause is an unhealthy diet. As anxiety attacks can lead to Gastrointestinal problems, diet plays a major role here. Regular caffeine intake can trigger anxiety issues. Also, a person avoiding sugar has lesser chances of having anxiety disorders than a person consuming a high amount of sugary diet.

Symptoms of Anxiety


  • Sweating.

  • Shivering.

  • Heart palpitations.

  • Sleepless nights.

  • Trouble breathing.

  • Having GI problems.

  • Trembling.

  • Uncontrollable anger.

  • Sense of impending danger.

  • Having a perplexed state of mind.

  • The restlessness of feeling tired.

  • Unable to focus or concentrate.

  • Severe Headaches or having a false sense of body aches.



Recent studies have shown that change in lifestyle can improve the anxiety conditions of the suffering patients. Self-treatmentitsa treatments can help a lot in it's cure. This includes physical fitness, healthy diet, meditation, social circle, and avoiding caffeine, alcohol and nicotine. Treatments like psychological counselling, psychotherapy and some medications can lend a hand to come out of the suffering. Psychotherapy majorly involves CBT i.e. cognitive behavioural therapy in which you face such objects or situations directly which may trigger the anxiety and manage to respond more effectively. This is done in order to make the patient more confident about handling the situations and learning ways to cope with stressful emotions.

Medications cannot be in long-term use usage for mental illness as such drugs can lead to acute or chronic brain damage if used for long. Hence, only a few medications essential can be used for a short period as in to help bring the patient under stable conditions. Other than this, patients are advised with a few relaxing exercises and meditation. Meditation had been the most effective way to cure mental problems as it helps patients to regain control of their senses. Having a positive social circle around you plays an important role as they provide numerous psychological and physical benefits. Spending quality time with friends, family and positive people around you can bring about a great change in your perspective on life and problems. This can enhance your ability to cope with the hustles in life. Bring about a change in diet plan, intake of a healthy diet is important for both physical and mental health. Avoid intake of alcohol and drugs that adversely affects neurological health. Instead include a proper liquid diet, fruits and vegetables in your diet plan. Talk about everything to your trusted person or pen down the depressing thoughts and think about the positive aspect of everything. This can help to calm down at the time of an anxiety attack.



It is frustrating to live with anxiety but if decided it is much easier to come out of this than ever imagined. Don't wait for the right time to talk or seek help. Just go ahead and take a step forward towards becoming a worry free person. It might take time, but with proper care and help you will learn to thrive in the situations.

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