Are larger brands eating off of rainbow pride? Pink capitalism angers the LGBTQ+ community.

The month of June has officially kick-started celebrating pride across the globe, especially huge brands with their money-making-no-support agenda. What has come out of it?

Most of the well-known brands have found a way to increase their gross profit by employing pride flags and rainbow colors to gather people’s attention. The huge profit gain by exploiting LGBTQ is called rainbow or pink capitalism.

It is indeed great to see brands celebrating pride but do they really support the LGBTQ+ community? That is where the problem lies.

Most people see pride-marketing as a sign of progress and acceptance as it encourages inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community as opposed to the oppression they had to face earlier.

However, multi-million dollar brands hoarding and neglecting to donate to the community is frowned upon. This shows their negligence to the real cause and inclination towards branding alone.

LGBTQ+ supporters took to social media pointing out corporate behaviors urging people to boycott brands that benefit out of pride month.

Adidas recently has introduced special selling merchandise featuring a “pride pack” for the month of June. This mega-brand was also criticized as they are one of the sponsors for this year’s World Cup which is held in Russia, a country with anti-LGBTQ laws. This contradicts the whole purpose of the cause and it questions the “support” they hold for the community.

It is important for prominent corporations to grow sentiments towards the expanding support of LGBTQ rights. However, the disagreement lies in its commercialization. Large group of trans and queer individuals are in need of financial and medical aid but they are forced to live a henious lifestyle due to poverty.

Contributing and commemorating the painful yet glorious past of lgbtq+ community should be given importance and brands should turn towards humanism rather than capitalism.

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