Are You Always Seeing The Same Number Everywhere?

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Have you ever experienced or experienced a somewhat weird phenomenon of seeing the same number all of the time That may be on a clock, then on a receipt, or on a license plate?

For whatever reason, the number keeps on coming in your surroundings So, what does it mean if you see the same number everywhere? Coming across the same number everywhere is called a “pattern.” Patterns appear in your life when your energetic awareness is tuned into certain events happening in sequence. And repeated patterns are called synchronicities. Synchronicity is a term that was originally coined by psychologist Carl Jung that refers to meaningful coincidences which mysteriously occur in your life. When you experience this phenomenon, you'll have experiences that don’t feel to be important at all but may have a spiritual connection with you. Let’s discuss the different viewpoints so that you can determine why you are seeing the number so frequently, and what you can do with that information.

The Psychology behind it


If you’re the one not into metaphysics or spirituality kind of stuff, this experience could be frustrating in the initial stages as there is a scientific explanation to it. But what if it goes beyond that initial stage and you might start feeling something spooky. Well, many psychologists have linked this whole experience with what we call Maslow’s hierarchy of need; commerce fellows would be well aware of this hierarchy. In this structure, the safer you feel in your environment, the higher up the pyramid you go until you reach the point of “self-actualization.” Self-actualization is when you begin to analyse and make decisions about your life based on what makes you fulfilled, instead of simply surviving.

This means figuring out your place in this world, beyond simply existing to survive. You begin to search for meaning and purpose and to become all that you can be. You may explore new aspects of your life, such as spirituality. Now here comes the concept of synchronicities, where you get to observe patterns, such as getting a call from your friend at 11:11 AM and instead of ignoring it as a usual person would do, a person seeking self-actualization would definitely pick up the call with utmost curiosity.

The Spirituality behind it


Spiritually, seeing the same number over and over again can be a sign that you are going through a spiritual awakening. As you move up the Maslow’s Hierarchy, you start experiencing the spiritual connection deepening gradually in yourself. At this stage, you are starting to connect the physical reality and your spiritual existence together by noticing the synchronicities all around you. They are meant to give you guidance and to help you move past life lessons.

Let’s hear a real story of Mrs. Rose Putnam, an intuition coach who always see the number 1234. She sees it on clocks, in emails, on TV, and just out and about. At first, she thought it was a coincidence, but later she discovered a pattern. The more she noticed it, the more it became clear that every time she saw this number, she got a profound sense of peace. Whenever she sees this number now, all her worries seem to melt away. So, are these patterns always relaxing? No, definitely not. An essential thing to notice here is that this experience is different for everyone, as we are all on different paths and awakening on different levels. If you pay attention and use your intuition, the message that the number is trying to send you will be clear.

A Note for You

There are chances that you might not have had such an experience till now but now you are aware of the fact that numbers do have magic in them. So, remember, whenever you observe such a pattern, just write it down on your phone notepad or any other notebook and always keep your third eye open for such events; which later could be a turnaround in your life. David Beckham, Beyonce and dozens of personalities believe in this power. What’s stopping you!


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