Benefits of Travelling: How does it improve your mental health and overall well-being?

Travelling | Benefits | 07th November 2021 | Virtual Wire


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Exhaustion from everyday routine and obligations can be very frustrating and one of the best remedies for that is travelling. Be it going to a far-off country or just a detour to the next city, travelling does wonder for one’s overall health.

Firstly, travelling provides for excellent exposure to different cuisines, cultures, languages and more, making a person more accepting and open-minded. It helps them gain practical wisdom which can only be attained by putting themselves out of their comfort zone and exploring their surroundings and the world. Travelling, thus helps people to learn new things and grow. People can better understand themselves through travelling and that enhances their self-development. Travelling is truly an experience for one’s soul. It stimulates the creative side of our brains; it makes one truly think and reflect, and also provides one with a sense of responsibility and independence. Additionally, it also provides one with better time-management skills as well as organizational skills, especially if one plans their trips beforehand.

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Travelling also provides for a nostalgic and reminiscent experience to look back to in future. While travelling, one doesn’t only build new connections and relationships, but can also find serendipity – find pleasant emotions or places in an accidental manner; discover something valuable without intending to. Thus, travelling can prove to be very rewarding and can even change a person’s life by providing them with unexpected realisations, diverse people and transformative experiences. The busy schedules and everyday pressures of one’s hectic professional and personal lives can be mind-numbing, and it’s very important to get away from all the mental anxiety and stress every once in a while.

Travelling and exploring can provide much-needed rejuvenation and relief from all the burnout and exhaustion that one faces. It also makes one more active. It is a proven fact that the physical activity involved in travelling can help to lower down one’s heart rate, thus, promoting better heart health. It also helps in reducing stress on one’s mind and ensures the sharp functioning of the brain. Be it a business trip, a sudden trip or a planned trip, it can be helpful in some or another way. Travelling can help people to gain back their lost inner peace. It is truly one of the best ways to detox and calm down.

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Travelling can thus, provide for a very wholesome and holistic experience. It not only benefits the body but also the brain. It allows one to take a pause and reset their life. It helps one to self-reflect as well as reflect upon their surroundings, providing with new-found experiences and knowledge. Thus, one should always remember to take a breather by taking some time off and exploring a nearby or far-off land to pursue better mental health and overall well-being.

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