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Benefits | Yoga | 21st July 2022 | Virtual Wire



Though being centuries old yoga has become the new age good health mantra. And yoga is not only limited to today’s generation but is being practised by the older population and young kids.

But why is the general shift to yoga? Let’s look out at some of the most common reasons:

The comfort of being in the comfort zone


Yoga doesn’t demand much investment except your time and dedication. You can practise it at your home without getting tensed about what others will say when they see me fail. The pandemic proved this point more. When gyms were closed many resorted to yoga for maintaining good health.

Meditating Effects


When we start our day with yoga there is a certain peace which remains in our minds all day long. We can focus more on our work and there is a general sense of being happy. Yoga has proved to remove mental stress and tension and make your mind feel light.

Less tired


After hitting the gym you feel tired. Though you might have lost calories while working out at the gym but your energy is gone. You might not feel energised for the rest of your work. But in the case of yoga, it’s completely the reverse. After a fruitful yoga session, you feel more energised and feel ready to face the day.



You can practise yoga wherever you can. While you require a lot of equipment at a gym. You don’t need to worry about working more at the gym after returning from a trip. In yoga, you can keep it practising even while travelling and prevent from the cycle getting broken.



While yoga is suitable for all ages, working out at the gym is not advisable for old people and young kids.

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