Beydardi: A Pakistani Drama to spread awareness about the social issue HIV- AIDS!

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HIV-AIDS is a disease that weakens the immune system of humans and is associated with many myths that need awareness among the masses.

Media is the best tool to spread awareness. Hence, a Pakistani Drama “ Beydardi” story revolves around the characters who have HIV-AIDS and tries to influence the audience and spread awareness about this disease. This beautiful story starts with two sisters Bia and Rabia who live with their brother Nasir and brother in law Sana Fakhar. Here, Rabia is in love with Rohail who does drugs and has many love affairs with other girls as well. Shafay is the roommate of Rohail and also a good friend of Rabia.

Rabia studies in the university with Shafay and Rohail however Bia is in the college but knows Rohail. Rohail belongs to a poor family. On the other hand, Shafay is the only son of an affluent family. Rohail lives in Shafay’s apartment and uses all his things. He also uses Shafay’s car to show Rabia that he is a rich guy. In the same way, when Rohail picks his car to impress Rabia, Shafay has to travel in the bus where he meets Bia and attracts her. Bia does not want to make a bond with him because of Rohail’s flirting nature that is known to Bia and Rabia now and Shafay is Rohail’s friend. This playboy’s attitude leads to Rabia’s suicide.


Rabia belongs to a Muslim family. So, committing suicide is a sin in Muslim community. Rabia’s family faces trouble performing her last rituals. Both Shafay and Bia blame Rohail for Rabia’s death. Shafay goes back to his hometown in Karachi. Rabia’s family cannot live in their hometown after her forbidden death. Hence, they also go to Karachi to live their new life. Unfortunately, Nasir meets with an accident there. So, Bia has to find a job for his brother’s treatment and to earn bread and butter. She has to start her job in Shafay’s company as Personal Assistant of Shafay. At the same time, she meets Shafay’s mother Memona who initially does not like her.

She also meets his maternal uncle Tabrez who likes her as his own daughter. Memona knows that Shafay loves Bia however she does not want to make her daughter-in-law and always behave rudely with her. As time passes, Shafay’s health is going worst. It is now apparent from Shafay’s medical test reports that he is HIV-AIDS positive. This truth is only known to Memona and Tabrez. Shafay is totally unaware of this.

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Now, Memona agrees to Shafay’s marriage with Bia for his last happiness that she can afford. However, Tabrez does not agree with this because he does not want to spoil Bia’s life. To accomplish her purpose, Memona sends Tabrez on a business trip. Now, Shafay and Bia marry without the presence of Tabrez. Tabrez is depressed about her sister’s decision and does not want to talk with Memona. Soon, Bia also becomes the victim of HIV-AIDS. She is pregnant and become aware of her health after her routine medical check-up. She blames Shafay for this condition. Memona asks for forgiveness and tells her all the truth that he is not aware of his disease.

At the same time, Shafay comes in contact with Rohail who is in the hospital and also HIV-AIDS positive. He also knows that he becomes HIV-AIDS positive because of Rohail. He uses his shaver to shave his beard and sometimes both has cut on the cheeks with the same blade. With this kind of scene, this drama spreads awareness among the revelation mass. The story after the revelation of the truth is painful. Both Shafay and Bia do not want their child to take birth with this worst disease. Bia starts her medication and always stays under the supervision of the doctor.

In this period of time, the drama focuses on the mentality of the people, victim’s emotions. At last, both Shafay and Bia says bye to this world, after the birth of their daughter who is not a victim of this disease. Memona and Tabrez start an NGO to spread awareness about this disease and take care of their granddaughter. Overall, this drama is brilliant that spreads awareness along with entertainment.

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