Bollywood teachers with whom we have resonated the most!

Updated: Sep 3

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Bollywood has always loved to portray relationships and one such relationship is of a teacher and student. Sometimes, there comes a film that engages you, yet transcends you to your school days.

With a few recollections stuffed in a realistic runtime, the Hindi Cinema has given us the absolute best depiction of teachers. From the strict ones to the instructor we as a whole really liked; we've all been made to return to the fun occasions. This Teachers’ Day, let us recall some of the most iconic teachers of Bollywood:


We all have had that one teacher who turns into our guide for life issues and in case it's Raj Aryan played by Shah Rukh Khan with his uncommon heartfelt exhortation, we're certainly going to this school. Gurukul, a live-in school for young men known for its discipline and never-twist the standard demeanour of the dean Ram Shankar played by Amitabh Bachchan.

Shah Rukh Khan, the new music instructor is tied in with spreading love which carries him in constant conflict with the director. Disrupting guidelines, putting together gatherings, getting young ladies in the dormitories, Shah Rukh assumes an extraordinary position in the hearts of every one of his understudies, at last breaking Amitabh Bachchan and his long-standing principles.

Aryan takes us the undertaking of making three of his understudies discover love, against the standards of the school. Uday Chopra, Jugal Hansraj, and Jimmy Shergill, all are stuck in various circumstances and think that it is difficult to win the young lady they had always wanted.

Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par is a story of a creative mind for 8 - year-old Ishaan (Darsheel Safari). While his dad bars himself from understanding the more serious issue and calls Ishaan sluggish, his mom manages the circumstance with adoration and empathy. After Ishaan falls in class, his dad strongly sends him off to a life experience school.

Abused by certain instructors, Ishaan separates and shells himself from the world. Then, at that point goes along Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan), the substitute craftsmanship instructor who sees Ishaan's ability and sorts out he has dyslexia.

Taking up Ishaan's case, Ram Shankar visits his home in Mumbai to let his folks, who are in a total condition of refusal, know about Ishaan's condition. The affectionate bond that the two offer and how he perceives his potential as a craftsman makes Ram Shankar Nikumbh the best teacher.


When students are shown battling with school, here's an educator who needs to conquer her difficulties to set an example to do justice to her job as a teacher. Naina Mathur, played by Rani Mukerji aspires to become a teacher while overcoming an uncommon apprehensive problem called Tourette Syndrome which makes her break into an attack of hiccups sometimes.

That is not all, she is given the responsibility to teach the underprivileged students of Dharavi, Mumbai. Understanding their exceptional need and the sort of consideration they require, Naina doesn't surrender and keeps on being a piece of their tricks and jokes until they yield to her methodologies. Understanding their actual potential, Rani turns into the best educator and accomplishes her said objective.

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