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Ivanka is an author, wife, mother, sister, and advisor to her father, President Donald J. Trump. She advises the president on job creation, economic empowerment, workforce development, and entrepreneurship.

Ivanka is an advocate for families and women. The purpose of Women Who Work is to “provide solutions that educate and empower women to be their best selves, both personally and professionally,” states Ivanka. This book represents how women can be successful. We are living in a competitive world where women find it challenging to balance their life and work. Although I am not an adult yet, I know this book has given me knowledgeable information, and it will give other women healthy ideas to better their lives.

Ivanka starts by telling women to pinpoint their passion. A quote that brought this chapter to life was Malcolm Forbes, the publisher of Forbes magazine. Malcolm states, “The biggest mistake that people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy.” She gives us an essential outlook on finding the career that we are most passionate about. With the helpful subtitles and tips, the book will help women discover and connect to what they are passionate about.

She then instructs us on how to grow successfully in the business world. I am always eager to learn tips that will help meet my goals professionally, so I found this part of the book instructive. Ivanka gives insights on how to lead a meeting with integrity, the art of mature listening skills, and so much more. This chapter gives us a fresh outlook on leading with confidence in the fast-paced modern business world.

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Ivanka stresses that staking your claim is essential. Ivanka states, “If you’re like me and you’re excited by the idea of maximizing your influence, taking on new challenges, and inspiring others, you’re ready to stake your claim.” In this chapter, you will learn that staking your claim represents how to gain leadership knowledge and groom your audience. It teaches the do’s and don’ts of hiring and how to succeed in negotiation properly. President Donald Trump wrote The Art Of The Deal, so Ivanka has been taught by the best!

Next, she teaches how to balance and manage your time. By now, you may have reached success in your business career but are struggling with valuable and important time. Ivanka helps us develop strategies for time management, maintaining self-care, and expanding our horizons. The book can be applied to all ages and situations in life. I am trying to manage time for my junior year classes, tech centre school, gymnastics training, and time for Expressions. Healthy time management is so important to me. The whole book was fascinating and helpful, but this section was my personal favourite!

Ivanka then goes on to discuss the equal opportunity of having a well-balanced work life and family. She discusses prioritizing having a family and setting healthy boundaries. Ivanka believes in the importance of beneficial partnering and setting core values between family and work. I loved the attention she gave to absolute family values, being present in the moment, and returning to the real world. This book does not solely focus on incorporating business values but also stresses the importance of a positive family lifestyle.

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Ivanka hopes that in reading the book, women will see how to grow a successful business and “Lead with Purpose”! As Simon Sinek states, “It’s not the size and might that makes a company strong; it’s the culture - the strong sense of beliefs and values that everyone, from the CEO to the receptionist, shares.” If you already have a company or are thinking of starting one, this book will be good for you in growing your business.

She uses a quote from John Quincy Adams stated,” If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, become more -, you are a leader.” This goes for anyone in the workforce, including those who work for a company or are growing their own business. “Leading with Purpose” inspires women to develop confidence while running their businesses. Remember, having a business is not always about the size; it’s about focusing on the people as you start your business, set expectations for yourself. Learn to solve problems, gain wisdom from others, and make sure to connect with your team. Be resilient, be insightful, and invest your money wisely. Focus on what you can bring to the table, solidify your business plan, and always remember why you started. Most of all, be passionate about your work!

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Women need to have the skills to become successful in growing their businesses. I’m still young, but the knowledge I’ve gained from this book is invaluable. The future has so much in store for all of us. Ivanka Trump has already made her mark. Now, she wants to spread the word for all women to achieve success because she has the platform to do so. I believe that Ivanka is a good role model for all women. I hope you are now inspired to read Women Who Work by Ivanka Trump.

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