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Boomerang | Children | 28th September 2022 | Virtual Wire



Today, becoming an adult doesn’t mean having a separate, independent life.

50 years ago, an adult in his/her twenties had a stable job, at least two children, and even a house. However, today, it is quite common for an adult to live with his/her family. The number of adults living with their parents is increasing at a rapid rate. Reasons include failed attempts to lead an independent life after university, being unable to find a stable job as well as a separate flat that they can afford. The term “boomerang children” refers to a group of people between 20 and 35. These people start their university life with hope for a bright future but things change after several years. Some young adults are not fully prepared for professional life. They can hardly find a job immediately after university. Another reason is that some young adults get divorced or opt not to marry until they find a permanent job, which results in moving back home. Therefore, they continue to live with their parents rather than their spouses.


Delay of marriage is another factor. Many people choose not to marry until they find a well-paid, stable job. It is also necessary for spouses to earn a salary compared to the past because it is hard to make ends meet with only one income, especially in big cities. Student loans are another burden for young adults. They both try to find a job and struggle to pay their student loans. Those factors affect the psychology of young adults because parents also have their own expectations for their “children” and now young adults, those people feel this emotional pressure and deal with it. This period is hard for the parents as well. They can’t fully “enjoy" their retirement or some of them even can’t get retired because of unexpected financial expenses. Moreover, it is sad to see their children not independent, not productive sometimes frustrated, and even lazy.


However, things do not remain always the same. Life is full of ups and downs. A new day begins after a dark night. The job market is more challenging today, that’s why it is normal if your children start working a bit late. During this period, try to be calm and try not to turn arguments into conflicts. Make sure your children continue their self-development and job research at the same time. Also, share the chores so that your children do not lose their sense of responsibility. You can also consider this period as an opportunity to “embrace" your beloved children who are going to have a separate and relatively busy life when they get married and start working.

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