Branding: The Business & Impact of Destiny’s Child!

Branding | Business | Destiny | 07th November 2021 | Virtual Wire

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In this day & age, the world has come to know the Global Music Icon by the name of Beyonce and with an entirely new generation being introduced to her today. With, there’s also an entirely new generation that may be clueless about the beginning of her music career.

I am talking about the early days of Beyonce as the frontwoman of the R&B Girl Group turned Pop Culture Phenomenon’s, Destiny’s Child! In 1997, the ladies hit the music scene with their Top 5 hit, no, No, No from their self-titled debut album which would eventually go on to sell 4 Million Worldwide. That was the world’s introduction to 4 teenage girls from Houston, Texas named Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett & Latavia Roberson.

In 1999, the ladies released what would be considered their classic 2nd album, The Writings on the Wall. They released their huge hit singles Bills, Bills, Bills, Bug-a-boo, Say My Name & Jumpin Jumpin. However, as success came, so did the turmoil. Members LeToya & Latavia expressed issues with management over the finances of the group. They were seeking their own management away from Beyonce and Kelly and the record label, Columbia Records, DID NOT go for that at all. So, they were replaced by 2 new members, Michelle Williams, and Farrah Franklin. The album will go on to sell 18 million Worldwide and Say My Name.

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In 2001, the group followed up with their 3rd album, Survivor, named after the hit competition reality show on CBS after a radio DJ made a joke comparing being a member of Destiny’s Child to a contestant on the show to see who will be the last one standing, especially after Farrah was removed from the group. The album had 4 massive hits, Independent Women, Survivor, Bootylicious and their cover of the Bee Gees’ Emotion. The album will sell 15 million Worldwide and the song Survivor won a Grammy. After releasing solo albums, the group would reunite one more time to release Destiny Fulfilled. It is arguably their most sophisticated album. It had 4 hits, Lose My Breath, Soldier, Cater Toy You and Girl.

The Branding of Destiny’s Child

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Destiny’s Child had brand deals with Tommy Hilfiger, L’oreal, Candie's shoes, Target, Barbie dolls made in their likeness & McDonalds. In the early 2000s, they were a Super Group that took over the world of Entertainment in music, movies, TV shows, Broadway & touring. At times, the group was ridiculed in the media for their dominance in Pop Culture & they were labelled business-wise “over-exposed”, but today, in Hip Hop & Pop Culture, because of their “No Limitations” mentality, you can see Destiny’s Child influence, both musically & business wise in artists such as Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Normani, ChloexHalle, Saweetie, Lizzo & Megan Thee Stallion.