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Chris Rock is a comedian, an actor, a writer & producer. He made his debut on the scene in the mid-80s.

Scoring roles in Keenan Ivory Wayans’ I’m Gonna Git You Sucka & the hit buddy cop drama TV show Miami Vice. However, it was when he met his idol and mentor, rock star comic and mega movie star Eddie Murphy, who gave Chris his first role as a parking attendant in the massive box office franchise Beverly Hills Cop II.

In the 90s, Chris would become a cast member on Saturday Night Live, alongside Adam Sandler and David Spade. He would also continue to do movies like New Jack City with Ice-T and Wesley Snipes and a bit role in Boomerang working once again with Eddie Murphy. He also made his debut behind the scenes as a writer of the cult classic Hip Hop spoof film CB4. He even was the voice of the Little Penny action figure doll in Nike commercials for NBA All-Star Penny Hardaway. In 1997, he would finally get his own show on HBO, entitled The Chris Rock Show, where he would do monologues, sketches and interview guests. One could say he was the edgier version of Arsenio Hall. He went on to win an Emmy in the first season of the show.

In the 2000s, he went to star, write, direct and produce more movies such as the cult classic Pootie Tang, Down To Earth & the marital romantic comedy I Think I Love My Wife starring alongside. In 2005, he reunited with his SNL castmate Adam Sandler in the prison yard football comedy The Longest Yard. He also voiced a zebra named Marty in the animated franchise Madagascar. In 2005, he executive produced the UPN sitcom loosely based on his teenage years entitled Everybody Hates Chris.

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In 2010, he joined an All-Star cast of SNL alums Adam Sandler, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Tim Meadows & Maya Rudolph in the hit comedic film Grown Ups. He also teamed up with other comedic giants such as Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan and Kevin Hart in the film “Death at a Funeral.” He even tried his hand on Broadway, in the play “The MFer with the Hat.”

The Brand Of Chris Rock

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Coming from the era of Eddie Murphy Mania in the 1980s and into the Martin Lawrence & Def Comedy Jam Dominance of the 1990s, Chris was literally a Rock in a Hard Place! In the midst of sitcoms such as Martin, The Wayans Bros., Malcolm & Eddie(co-starring red hot comedian Eddie Griffin) & The Jamie Foxx Show, Chris Rock will then find his lane on stage within his standup comedy. He had a solid HBO Comedy Half Hour Special called Big Ass Jokes in 1994. However, in 1996, it was his follow up special on HBO entitled Bring The Pain, that will eventually make Chris Rock, the superstar that his mentors & his peers believed he always had the potential to be.

The special will go on to win 2 Emmy awards for Outstanding Comedy Special & Outstanding Writing for his hard-hitting controversial bits that tackled topics such as race, drug, government & domestic violence & would win his first Grammy for the audio of the special called “Roll With the New”. That would lead to Chris getting his own show on HBO. In 1999, he will follow up with another classic special boldly entitled “BIGGER & BLACKER!!!” That special will also win a Grammy for Best Comedy Album. In 2004, he will release another classic special entitled “Never Scared”, where he again tackles race, relationships, government, Rap music & Pop Culture. He would win another Grammy for Best Comedy Album.

In 2008, Chris would release another hit special entitled “Kill the Messenger”, where he would discuss Barack Obama running for President, interracial dating & “Jobs vs. Careers.” It will go on to win Rock 2 more Emmys. In 2018, he would leave his home base network HBO for a massive $40 Million payday at the streaming giant Netflix, and release his latest special Tambourine. It’s not his most popular special among fans but critics still gave him a solid review. Chris also hosted award shows such as 1997, 99 & 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, the 2004 & 2018 Academy Awards & the 2014 BET Awards. He also hosted Saturday Night Live in 1996, 2014 & 2020.

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The Brand of Chris Rock is greatly displayed in the Power of His Standup Comedy! There will always be mixed reactions when it comes to his movie choices but there is no debating or denying his IMPACT in the Art of Stand-Up Comedy, his influence on comedians such as Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart & Jerrod Carmichael & in that respect, he is THEE STAND UP GUY of HIS GENERATION!!! ROCK ON, CHRIS!!!!!

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