Brazil Against Denial!

Brazil | 05th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

Being Brazilian has never been easy. As our own history reveals, from the dictatorship in 64 to the colonization in 1500, to be Brazilian is to carry a heavy burden.

To be Brazilian is to bear a long and painful history of slavery, racism and torture. Among so many scars that the so-called “football country”, as the world sees us, has taken root in its trajectory, the denialist approach from the past year and half comes not as a surprise.

Now, almost a year and a half living through this devastating pandemic, our country is following a cloudy path. More than 558,000 deaths are already accounted for as a result of the virus.

Contrary to what much of the world lives today, in which many countries already have more than 50% of their adult population vaccinated. And have even resumed a large part of activities in groups such as festivals and sporting events with the public.

In Brazil, we are facing a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry to investigate what happened during the pandemic and why all this disregard happened. So far it is certain that a large part of the Brazilian government has not made any effort to buy vaccines or implement the necessary measures to save their own citizens.

On the contrary, President Bolsonaro and the lawmakers who blindly follow him have bet all their chips on herd immunity, on drugs proven to be ineffective against COVID and, as if that weren't enough, apparently they are up to the teeth involved in a corruption scheme for the purchase of vaccines that never arrived in the country.

Still, despite everything and everyone, the population remains firm. This week, the state of São Paulo received inputs for the manufacture of more than 4 million doses. According to data from the Municipal Health Department of Rio de Janeiro, 5,635,006 doses were administered. While in Maranhão, for example, the government distributed more than 370 thousand doses of vaccines against COVID-19.

Have passed 526 days since the first case was registered in Brazil. Thanks to science and the efforts of health professionals and state governments, the Brazilian population will rise again. Against denial and negligence on the part of the federal government.

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