Brazil's Inquiry of Death!

Brazil | Death | 21st August 2021 | Virtual Wire

The Commission of Inquiry, the so-called “Commission Inquiry of Covid” in Brazil, was created in the Senate after a decision by the Supreme Court with the objective of investigating actions and omissions of the Bolsonaro government in the coronavirus pandemic and federal transfers to states and municipalities.

The commission has 11 senators (the majority are independent or opposing) and has an initial, but the extendable, term of 90 days. And, at the end of the investigation, the report must be sent to the Public Ministry for possible criminalization.

Currently, the whole country is following the unfolding of the investigation that began in April of this year. And today it has been running for more than 4 months. So far, the base text of the report prepared by the collegiate rapporteur, senator Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL), already has more than a thousand pages. The summary of the collegiate investigation alone has more than 400 pages.

Until now, the investigations were marked by deponents who protect their right not to incriminate themselves, others having their lies unmasked live during the broadcast and even an arrest warrant.

Several of the chapters elaborated focus on the so-called "shadow cabinet", a group apparently formed by doctors and businessmen who adhered to the denialism defended by the Brazilian president. This chapter includes transcripts of videos, audios and statements, as well as documents that, according to the report, would prove the performance of the unofficial body.

In addition, chapters were also produced regarding the Army's role in the production of drugs with proven ineffectiveness in combating COVID-19, such as chloroquine. This, even after proving ineffectiveness against it, was widely publicized by the press that supports the government and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

All the facts, data and information that support the investigations involving, mainly army generals and parliamentarians in favour of President Bolsonaro, will appear as aspects that harmed the country in the acquisition of vaccines against the disease.

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