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Love | Limit | Break | 17th June 2022 | Virtual Wire


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The Truth has shared so much of Itself With me That I can no longer call myself a man, a woman, an angel, Or even a pure soul.

Love has befriended me so completely

It has turned to ash and freed me

Of every concept and image

My mind has never known.


Recently my friend wished me a happy pride month. I told her that I refrain from celebrating. When do we need representation? When we don't have any. I believe that society has separated the entire community from the mainstream. It means that we have excluded them from the rest. The exclusion is so much that they find it necessary to celebrate even the 'basic' rights. There must be so much inclusion that everyone celebrates freedom together.

The use of pride themes for marketing during pride month is a different story. The LGBTQ+ community doesn't demand special rights. All they demand is just their fundamental rights and freedom. The talent presented by the community members is unbounded. They are equally skilled and hardworking. Unfortunately, they have to waste half of their lives fighting for freedom and equal representation and the other half battling mental conflicts.

The social barriers


As I grew up, I did not find the need to question my sexuality. I knew myself as a very sensitive yet overly ambitious person. I always had peace with myself and sorted all my shortcomings perfectly. I was attracted to intelligence, understanding, and energy, irrespective of gender. It was normal for me until I grew up and noticed that society has already made labels to discriminate. They want everyone to be 'a certain way' and fit in boxes. Even after presenting themselves as 'modern' their mental construct still needs an update. A change in clothes doesn't represent a change in mindset. On the other hand, I appreciate that grandma with a Navvari Saree, whom I met in a village was okay with how I was.

Don't take infatuation as love. You can fall for many things, it’s not limited to physicality. Love is your very nature. Express yourself fully. Don't let anything stop you. I found myself questioning and finding the root cause of the discrimination. I discovered that there is so much negative representation of the community in the mainstream media. They are depicted in a bad light. It is dehumanizing. People don't discuss such topics. On the other hand, they find it easy to make fun of and hurt sentiments. It's easy to put someone down to get an illusion that you are above them. I'm lucky that I did not face even 2% of such discrimination around me, but that doesn't negate the struggles of others.

Oh! And speaking about stereotypes!

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For the mistakes of a few, people generalize and conclude about the entire community. Not all Queer people are Tik Tokers and not all gay men are effeminate. I have seen many Queer people helping society in numerous ways. Some have even dedicated their lives to serving humanity irrespective of how people treated them in the past. Who highlights such stories? Are there any newspaper articles or videos talking about this?

Easiness we find in passing derogatory comments like 'meetha' and ‘chamiya’. If shallowness found an expression, this is it! I feel like shit if I bully someone even unknowingly. It's hard to understand how people carry so much hate within? But things are changing now. A human is a human. Everyone has red blood and breathes air. Everyone simply 'is' and has life throbbing within them. Who doesn't like respectful treatment?

The world is your reflection!

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You see the world as you are. If there's a conflict within you, you see faults in other people. My advice to the Queer is to let people pass comments. Be so transparent and free from resistance in yourself that such comments must pass through you without affecting you. Know that such commenters are just trying to fill the emptiness within them. Just let go. Be untouched and full of acceptance for yourself. The more difficulties you face, the stronger your character will be!

The heart is full of hope!

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On the other hand, I also want to highlight that in the present, the world is becoming a better place. People are so engrossed in their work and life that they don't have time to hate. Also, thanks to the internet! Now people choose to self-educate and understand through various educational platforms. A friend sees a gay friend simply as a friend. Many positive cultural narratives are stealing the spotlight! I'm thankful to my 60+ literature professor, who instilled confidence within me. She told me that the 'Self' is formless. Not to identify with the body and rest in my true nature. Whatever I am, I simply am, and from within, this opens a whole universe. I don't understand the language of the world. I understand the language of love.

Labels are cosy but should you get entangled?

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I began to observe that labelling creates comfort and a sense of belongingness. Drawing conclusions and sticking to ideologies put you in bondage. Society's opinions or labels about us shouldn't limit us. Be free from mental, spiritual and even gender labels. If there is overflowing uniqueness within you, let it flow! Stick to your originality!

Nothing can replace acceptance!


There's no need to change anyone's perception of me, but there's a need to accept myself completely for who I'm. I don't want the world to remember me as a person of a particular gender. I want it to remember me for who I was as a person, how many lives I've touched, and how many faces I bought a smile to.

The spiritual want


The Rigveda says “Vikruti Evam Prakriti". It means diversity is what nature is all about! Another stereotype is that how can someone be ultra spiritual and gay together? Isn't it a sin? The reality is that I have met many people from the community who are super spiritual and wiser. The wisdom they've gathered through all the trivial times in their lives, their eyes reflect everything. Every hardship acted as a chisel that sculpted the stone of their lives! They have deep knowledge of the Vedas, the Upanishads, and other ancient knowledge systems. They efficiently balance the male & feminine energies. They have an edge over others as they have this broad 360° perspective about everything.

A pure mind absorbs reality efficiently! The 'Self' is neither male, female, nor non-binary. Whatever body it inhabits, it becomes identified with that. ~Shwetashwatara Upanishads. According to Indian spirituality, every living being is a manifestation of divinity. The soul does not have a gender. It is pure consciousness. Upon whom should I not shower this Divine Love? How can there be a way to stop its expression?

I don't see people; I only see love and energies.

I don't see any separation; I see the interconnection between everything!

I see that I am like a vast ocean and this entire creation is like its waves.

I see myself in every being and every being in me.

I see the Divine in everyone!

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