Business Environment: The Idea!

Business | Idea | Environment | 16th August 2021 | Virtual Wire

What should an ideal business/work environment be like? As we find ourselves working with different people of different backgrounds and experiences, what should the atmosphere look and feel like?

Should it be one of strife and oppression? I know you will be quick to say No! But yet we see employers and employees who desire to work in harmony, end up enduring their time and space with each other. One cannot stand the sight of the other because something wrong has replaced the common goal they once sort.

The question therefore remains; why is it that many work environments are not what they initially projected to be?

It appears as if employers forget their experiences as employees, and employees forget their desired expectations to be employers someday. The golden rule must apply in the business environment, where we treat others as we want to be treated.

* A female employer should have empathy for her female employees, she shouldn’t see herself as better off than them.

* Male employers and employees should not objectify their female colleagues. They must learn to appreciate their minds beyond how they look.

* It is a wrong ideology for employers to think they need to scream at their employees to get their jobs done. Respect must be accorded to each party.

* A good employee is one who is willing to do his/her best without waiting to be screamed at.

Where we work plays a big role in helping us maintain our sanity for life generally. We must therefore do our best to ensure that our workspace is fun and especially safe.

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