Cats: The Symbol of Divinity In Egypt!

Egypt | Cats | Symbol | 16th December 2021 | Virtual Wire



We can`t even think, a tiny cat can become a symbol of divinity, but if it is, then the question, to be arising is HOW and WHY?

Do you think of the saying, in the time of danger a single hope can be a ray of light in the darkness. There`s a story to tell, how Ancient Egypt felt threatened by the small creature rats and how from that threat, the journey of the cat to the symbol of divinity has started.

When we peek into the story of ancient Egypt we find the name Mafdet, considered as an ancient deity who was shown as a woman with the head of a lion in some cases as a cat with a woman`s head as at that time cat acted like a protector of them against tiny creatures rats.

After sometimes the name Mafdet replaced Bastet, she was also considered as the protector of homes in Egypt because of its skills of killing rats, snakes, scorpions etc. Can we say that we really pictured this cat as a ? divine profile, no we didn`t.

But through the journey of a cat with the divine past profile, it was shown how the cat was considered as a member of the family and was


treated like a loved one. It can be said that cats had a major impact on the creation of civilization in Egypt.

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