China: The threat to the world!

Is China a threat?
China is someone who always focuses on acquiring their neighbours land, they have border disputes with 17 countries, so we can understand their greed, It won't be a surprise if they claims the whole Earth and if they get so, they will claim Moon and greed will keep going.
China: The Founder of Covid-19!

Why did china claim others' land?

It is interesting to observe Chinese aggression in acquiring their Nabours lands. If we observe the border dispute with Bhutan then we can clearly observe they claim such land which is not near China-Bhutan Border, they claim the inner part of Bhutan.

It is surprising that the Chinese Military secured the first position in the global firepower, but Do they really hold this position? Well, in equipment and personals, yes but in war experience, we don't agree with it, definitely, they hold a good position on paper but on the ground, they don’t hold experiences and war are not just fought with the pieces of equipment, it required a good leadership, military tactics, and bravery but they don't have, Recently the Indian Army shows them their positions.

The world is facing a big threat due to Covid-19 but china's Economy is increasing rapidly, Is there something fishy? Covid-19 is made in Laboratory? If we observe the world situations versus Chinese situations then it’s suspicious.

Why china involved in a military conflict with India during Covid-19?

We can say that due to the pandemic, the Chinese government has been criticized at the International level and they needed to divert the focus of their citizen so they created a conflict with India, but it backed fired on them because they got a very hard response from Indian Military and the government.

Why it took eight months to accept the causality of the Chinese personal? Well, at first they refused any casualty but Russian media revealed the casualty Number to 45 in comparison to 20 Indian personals. To save their nose they have accepted the causality with a reduced number to 5 but at the same time two Chinese blogger raised their voice against the government about the actual casualty but they are forced into prison with a fake anti-national allegation. Normal Chines citizens are very friendly and helpful but their government is evil and greedy.

China can be a threat to the world if we observe its greed for land. What will happen if they become superpowers? What can be the causes? Can China be the Reason for world war 3?

Time will say.

Please comment on your view.

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