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Colours make our life beautiful. Imagine if we took away the green from the trees and grass and the pretty reds, blues and pinks from the blooming petals?

How would a world look without colours? Lifeless, quite frankly, meaningless. The question is how actually do we see colours? To simply put it, colours are visible when light hits an object. These colours are then caught on the retina of our eyes and we are then able to see the particular colour. Colours make everything distinctive and unique. Furthermore, colours are associated with our emotions as well. They may make you happy and boost your mood or they might make you angry or sad.



For instance, the colour red, we often see hospital signs painted with red, ever wondered why? It represents life and health. On the contrary, it means colour war which always ends in a disaster. Therefore, we can conclude that colours do affect our emotions both negatively and positively. Apart from being the symbol of health and war, it also represents the emotion of love and affection. A red rose is always favoured among its other companions. Its vibrancy and elegance cannot be matched.



While red is a passionate colour, blue is the colour of serenity and calmness. It is the colour of oceans and the sky. Oceans have a healing effect on the human mind. Whenever we visit the beach, a sense of calmness and peace washes over us. We feel relaxed and want to take in the tiniest detail of the scenery. The sky represents freedom, the feeling of soaring through the clouds excites us.



While blue is mostly a cheerful colour, grey symbolizes sadness and gloom. When the clouds cover the sun and rain pour down the atmosphere turns grey and gloomy. While most people love the rain it often symbolizes grief and loneliness, mostly in novels and movies.



Contrary to grey, yellow is a bright and warm colour. It is the colour of sunshine which represents hope and brilliance. Its vibrancy can sometimes be overwhelming for some people but mostly it is a festive colour. It is also a sign of caution not as common as red but many traffic signals and danger symbols are painted with yellow so they are more prominent and people can see them clearly.



Now let’s talk about green, a close associate with yellow. It is a colour excellent for colour fertility and freshness. It also signifies growth and rebirth. Plants are a good example of this colour, they are a source of food and also very refreshing to watch. Green is a mixture of yellow and blue, therefore it inhabits their traits of glory and serenity.



Now let’s discuss the colour, purple. The colour of wisdom, nobleness and dignity. It also signifies trust and loyalty. It is an elegant colour and people are quite fond of it. Its beauty and depth can even compete with the beauty of the colour red. Both colours are good competitors. But red is mainly associated with merriment while purple might cause frustration or a sense of insecurity. It may be a beautiful colour but it often symbolizes death and is often depicted as the colour of poison in many movies. It is also a gloomy colour like its associated blue. In some cases, the lighter shades of purple do look appealing to the eyes and provide a sense of calmness.



Opposite purple is the colour orange, a close relative to yellow. It often has an overwhelming effect on our minds. It's a very vibrant colour that symbolizes enthusiasm and warmth. People who like orange often have bright personalities. It is also the colour of joy and festivity. Colours play an important role in moulding our moods and evoking them.

What are your thoughts?

To conclude this article, I shall ask you guys to talk about your favourite colour and why colour you find it enticing.

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