Countries with the best education in the world!

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If you want to reach your career goals, develop yourself personally, learn a new culture or lifestyle, get the best education known for high quality, have crazy adventures and collect great memories, make new friends or expand your professional network, and finally learn a new language, then you should definitely study abroad.

But, of course, we all know that this process will not always be easy. If you want to make your selection process a little easier by getting to know the best-educated countries in the world, then you should read this article.

First of all, let's get acquainted with the statistics of the 10 most literate countries in the world in terms of population in 2020:

· Norway - 43.21%

· Finland - 44.30%

· Australia - 45.36%

· Ireland - 45.66%

· United Kingdom - 45.74%

· United States - 46.36%

· South Korea - 47.74%

· Israel - 50.92%

· Japan - 51.44%

· Canada - 56.71%

After getting acquainted with the countries with the highest literacy rates by population, we can finally get acquainted with the countries with the best education. This list includes many countries, regardless of their location on the continent or continent.

United States of America


The world's economic giant not only hosts prestigious universities but also surpasses its competitors in terms of the best quality of education. In America, which has a $ 1.3 trillion education budget, the literacy rate is 99%. In a country of 81.5 million students, about 38% attend primary school and 26% attend secondary school each year. The number of students continuing post-secondary education is about 20.5 million annually. American citizens receive a free education until high school.

Most students want to study in the United States, but most face financial difficulties. The United States offers more than 1,500 scholarships to international students. For many years, the country has been confidently maintaining its position in the QS World University Rankings until 2021.



In Canada, where the language of education is English and French, people are required to study until the age of 16, and in some areas up to the age of 18. The literacy rate of the population is 99%, which clearly shows that this country has one of the best levels of education. There is no central education system in Canada. States create their own education systems. Compulsory education is 10 years. There are no exams during the transition from primary to secondary education.

The primary and secondary school curriculum aims to develop learning skills in literacy and communication, problem-solving, human relations and technology. In Canada, where a school year is 180-190 days, if the government increased financial support for preschool and primary school education, the country would be the first in the world rankings.