COVID death among senior citizens at home up by 60% in Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka | 05th June 2021

The Sri Lankan Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) stated the number of Covid associated deaths among senior residents and elderly persons at home has increased compared to the first and second waves.

When as compared to the COVID deaths since March 2020, 60% of the deaths were

reported during the third wave after April 2021.

GMOA Dr. Fernando said, “Between 73% to 75% of deaths were among the people above

60 years of age. Even at some point of the lockdown period, the death of people above 60

years of age has increased. That means the virus had invaded our homes. During the first

and second COVID waves, a maximum of deaths has been now no longer pronounced

from houses.

The tour regulations have been imposed to limit travel to a maximum of 90%. But the

restrictions were limited only up to 60%. That suggested people can come out their

homes to satisfy their essential needs’’. Through this practice, the virus is taken to their


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